2 Months Old Baby Development and Care Guide

If your child has made it to 2 months old, you’re doing an excellent job, as a parent! Congratulations, but you’ve got a long ways to go! At 2 months, your baby will begin to change dramatically and it’ll be your responsibility to guide them in the right direction! So, roll up your sleeves, prepare your mind and get ready! Below, you will learn all about a 2 month old baby development and how to care for your 2 month old!


2 Month Old Baby Development

During this period of your baby’s life, their mind will begin to crave color and more intricate designs and objects! Allowing your child to touch an assortment of different objects is a good idea! You should also give them a variety of different toys to play with, including spongy balls, stuffed animals and plastic cookie cutters. Rattles and other items can work exceptionally well too!

Need someone to speak to? Good! Your baby has not learned how to tell the difference between sounds, which they have become familiarized with! They’ll be able to hone in on your voice and acknowledge your words to some degree. Be sure to carry on conversations with your child, even if you are the only speaker! He or she will watch your mouth in amusement.


2 Month Old Baby Weight

It should be known that your baby’s weight will vary depending on an assortment of different factors, including diet and activity level. Of course, there is an average, which may or may not be right for your child. According to the CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the average 2 months old baby weight is right around 11 pounds! According to their study, half of the babies at this age are under this mark, while the other half are over this mark!


2 Month Old Baby Activities

During this period of time, you can allow your baby to partake in all kinds of fun and exciting 2 month old baby activities. In fact, you can even play games with them! Playing the Ups and Downs game with your child is a good idea. Below, you will learn how it works.

  • Sit your child on their back and prop them up a tad using a pillow. Grasp his or her hands and rock her forward and backward. This will row your child onto their back and butt slowly, which will begin teaching them how to sit up properly! Take note the sitting up won’t be fully achieved, until a few months from now! You can sing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”, during this game for more fun!

You can also begin making your child fly on your knees! This one is really fun for your child and will give them a real thrill. Tips for pulling it off can be found below.

  • Lay on your back, with your knees in the air and place your child on top of your legs! By moving your legs around, you’ll be able to take your child for a fun and exciting ride! Be sure to incorporate keywords into this game, such as up, away and down! This will entertain your child and also teach them about their environment!

There are plenty more funs games to play with your child at this age! Just make sure that you incorporate words and songs, in order to make them even more effective for your child’s development.


2 Month Old Baby Milestones

During this age of your baby’s life, he or she will begin to develop by leaps and bounds! Their movement, cognitive skills, communication and emotional skills will begin to improve. Below, you will discover the various milestones that are likely to be met, during this age period!

Social and Emotions

  • Baby will begin to smile at others
  • Can calm him or herself for a brief period of time
  • Will attempt to look at their parent/s


  • Can begin to make noises and gurgling sounds
  • Will turn their heads towards sounds


  • Will focus in on faces
  • Can follow objects and people around
  • If activity levels are lowered, your baby will start to act bored and disinterested


  • Will push him or herself up, when lying on their stomach
  • Can hold up, when lying on tummy
  • Will make much smoother movement with their limbs

You should make sure that you contact your child’s doctor, if he or she doesn’t react to loud sounds. Also, if they don’t smile or watch the things around them, you should speak to your doctor! These could be signs that something is terribly wrong, so be sure to reach out to your medical professional, as quickly as possible, if your child hasn’t reached this milestones.

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2 Months Old Baby Feeding

Once your infant reaches the 2 month old mark, he will begin to consume more breast milk or formula with each feedings, which means you, will not need to feed him as often. You will also notice an alteration in his sleep pattern, because he will begin to sleep longer during the nighttime hours.

All children under 6 months of age should be consuming anywhere from 2-2.5 ounces per 1 pound of body weight per every 24-hours. You can calculate your baby’s feeding volume, by multiplying his weight by 2 or 2.5. For example, a 12 pound baby should be consuming 24 ounces or 30 ounces within a 24-hour time frame. Please note that this calculation technique should only be used for babies that have not been introduced to baby food or cereal.

It is important to note that every infant is different, so you may need to may adjustments in the feeding volume. He will alert you, when he has had enough milk and his tummy is full, by turning his head away from the nipple.

Baby Hunger Cues

Your baby will tell you when he is hungry, so you need to familiarize yourself with the baby hunger signs.

  • Sticks fingers and hands in mouth and sucks on them
  • Makes smacking or sucking motion with lips
  • Sticks out tongue
  • Turn head toward mother’s breast
  • Turns head from side to side trying to find nipple
  • Becomes restless and squirmy

Make sure that you feed your infant on demand, because if you fail to do so, he will begin to show late hunger cues such as inconsolable crying.


At the end of the day, you’ve made it a long way, but you’ve got awhile to go! Don’t worry, because things will begin to get a little easier in the future and your child will grow more and more loving towards you! Your bond will strengthen, as will your love for one another! Be sure to stay tuned for another updated in this series of posts! If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out our 1 month old baby development and care guide!