Living Textiles Baby & Kids Unveil Their New Collection Liv-Organix

Living Textiles Baby & Kids Unveil Their New Collection Liv-Organix

Back in 1963 the Lee family had a lot of talent and determination, so much so that they wanted to display it to the world. They did this by opening their first business in Sydney, Australia. What once was a “mom and pop” shop that specialized in high-quality fabric has now grown into a household name that takes special care in the safety, quality, and design of their products. Living Textiles knows how much your baby means to you, which is why they design the highest quality of products that ensure nothing but the best for all babies and kids.

With the revamping of the Living Textiles online store, a new addition, Liv-Organix has been added to their current collections, Lolli Living and Living Textiles Baby.

Living Textiles Baby & Kids

What Makes Liv-Organix Different

Liv-Organix is the obvious choice for your baby’s products because their selection features products that do not contain dyes. They only use the natural colors of high-performing cotton. The fabrics that are utilized to develop the baby linens are so gentle that they will not irritate your baby’s skin. You will also notice that fewer embroidery designs and embellishments are embedded into the material.

Organic Bed Sheets

These bed sheets are designed with stylish polka dots and are made with 100% organic, natural cotton. No chemicals or dyes whatsoever are used to create the patterns or textures embedded into the design. This would be the perfect product for your baby’s nursery and your infant will definitely appreciate it.

Organic Elephant Hankie

This cute little product makes the perfect toy or security blanket. It is made with 100% organic cotton and it is so soft that you baby will want to carry it everywhere. Once again no chemicals or dyes are used to create any patterns or textures embedded into the design.


If you live in the Las Vegas area, be sure to attend the upcoming 2015 ABC Kids Expo, which is scheduled to open on October 18, 2015. Living Textiles Baby & Kids will be presenting their new Liv-Organix at the exhibit. You will find them at booth at #935, so be sure to stop by to sample this wonderful new collection.

Angel Baby Car Seat Travel Bag: One Of Amazon’s Top Sellers

The Angel Baby car seat travel bag just happens to be one of Amazon’s top 5 best sellers. Parents around the globe have fell in love with this bag, because it offers so many benefits. Not only does it have a very lightweight design, but it is compatible with all children car and booster seat brands.

Heavy Duty Construction

The Angel Baby bag is constructed out of double-strength polyester fabric, which will offer extreme durability and a long service life. You will simply place the car seat into the bag, pull the drawstring tight, and you will be on your way. This will definitely offer much convenience for the busy parent, who have an active toddler running about.

Added Car Seat Protection

angel care car seat travel bag

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If you prefer to store your baby’s car seat away, when not in use, you will be able to do just that with the Angel Baby bag. It has a water resistant design, which will keep the car seat dry and safe from moisture,. If you are currently questioning the cost of this bag, you should not, because it is much more affordable to purchase a storage bag than to be forced to purchase a new car seat.

The polyester fabric is thick enough to keep out dust, debris, and germs that are lurking around the environment.

Gate and Baggage Check

The Angel Baby car seat tote is suitable for gate and baggage checks. Angel Baby manufacturers listened to complaints from their customers that concerned toting difficulties, so now you will receive a free shoulder strap with each purchase. The shoulder strap is large enough to fit over your shoulder comfortably.

The identification pocket has a Velcro closure to secure the I.D. tag, so it cannot fall out during transport.

Storage Bag

The zipper storage pouch will keep the car seat tote safe and sound, when not in use. This is definitely a neat little way to store the bag in your luggage and it will not take up a lot of space.


  • Compatible with an unlimited array of infant car and booster seats
  • Includes a lifetime warranty in purchase price
  • High-quality, durable fabric and design
  • Includes a free storage pouch and shoulder strap
  • Measures in at 38″ H x 18″ W x 18″ D
  • Extremely lightweight


  • Bag is not machine washable, but can wipe clean with soap and water

Overall Assessment

Whether you are searching for a carrying or storage bag for your infant’s car seat, you definitely should look no further than the Angel Baby car seat travel bag. Do not fret over the price tag, because it comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Be sure to check out this item at Amazon now!

Illegally Operated Baby Factories Exposed In Nigeria

African government is notorious for covering up illegal operations within their country. Although there are millions of African citizens dying from hunger and contagious diseases, it appears that yet another scandal has made its way to main stream.

An undercover agent, whom has not reveal his true identity has come forth to tell his story and involvement in the Nigeria’s baby trafficking ring. Eze, the unidentified agent was overheard trying to make a business proposition with a potential customer inside of a public restaurant.

The Daily Beast journalist, Philip Obaji, Jr approached the man and was immediately offered a newborn “fresh from the womb”. America has united with China to wipe out worldwide hunger, which could potentially benefit Africa’s most poor. Unfortunately, it does not appear that the African government officials are interested in their citizen’s welfare.

Nigeria's Baby Factory

The illegal Nigerian baby factory appears to be out of control and Eze had no difficulty making deals with apparent strangers. He was also willing to undercut another potential client, just to make sure that Obaji received the child of his choice.

One thing that Eze was not willing to do is reveal the mother’s hidden location. He admitted to be afraid of getting caught by the police officers, but it is genuinely difficult to believe that the public officials were not aware of this illegal human trade market.

Eze was paid a small fee for his information and was willing to take the journalist to meet with the female (Madam Sarah) that was responsible for running the baby factory. She met with Obaji and was very welcoming, which is a little difficult to understand, especially, if the lady was terrified of being discovered by the public officials.

For 400,00 naira ($2,000 USD), you would receive a baby girl and 500,000 naira ($2,500 USD) for a baby boy. The story continues and so does the operation of the illegal baby factory, which is difficult for anyone to believe or understand.

Kayne West Goes On A Tyrant About In-App Purchases

Kayne West and Kim Kardashian are very upset with in-app purchase features. Their 2-year old daughter, North is a frequent video gamer and was able to make more than a few in-app purchases. Kayne is among thousands of other parents that have had to deal with unauthorized in-app purchases made by their children.

West used foul language, when he spoke about app developers that offer in-app purchases in their games. He admitted that North was able to make a new purchase every five minutes, which would ring in an extremely high debit. Well, it just happens that Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood app offers in-app purchases to its players, but this does not stop Kanye from expressing his extreme frustration.

kim kardashian app

Thousands of parents are forced to deal with unauthorized in-app purchases. While Apple is more than willing to work with parents, by swiping the debt clean, other app stores may not be so willing to follow in suit.

Coco Austin Is Happy To Show Off Baby Chanel

At first American was surprised to see Coco Austin showing off her gorgeous baby bump. Now she is going all out with her recent 3D ultrasound images and a special video of Baby Chanel sucking her arm. This cute little bundle of joy is due at the end of this year.

It appears that Coco has forgotten her “tiny vagina” and is more focused on the upcoming birth of Baby Chanel.

Baby Chanel

Coco is determined to be a wonderful mother to Baby Chanel, but everyone will need to wait see how this 36 year old mother-to-be will handle the birth. Be sure to tune in to Ice & Coco entertainment talk show for updates, because she is definitely more than willing to share her experience with her fans.

Coco is very happy with the baby’s sex, since she has admitted in the past that she always wanted a baby girl. This beautiful actress is yet to complain or whine about being pregnant, which is entirely different than the response from other female actresses.


Earning Gift Cards App – Apps To Get Free Gift Cards

Hey there ladies and gentleman. Are you interested in finding a wonderful way to make money and giftcards online? If you are, you have definitely come to the right place! Within this guide, you will learn how to generate money and earn cash and gift cards in your spare time!

As someone, who has experimented with the best free survey sites, I can tell you that a lot of them aren’t worth your time. But, there are a very notable gift card surveys sites, which are definitely worth checking out! Swagbucks most certainly falls within this particular category! The website gives you the ability to complete surveys for gift cards, as well as cash!

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Donald Trump And Other Presidential Hopefuls Debate Autism

While many parents have already taken a stand against childhood vaccinations, our presidential hopefuls are beginning to make this a political topic that may be used for their gain. Donald Trump recently came out to say that he was totally against childhood vaccines, because he had a friend with a child that underwent vaccination therapy only to get a high fever, which lead to autism later on in life. He apparently was uneducated on childhood vaccines and their potential side affects, risks, and adverse reactions.

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