4Moms Unveils Their New High Chair

Are you expecting your first baby, but have yet to purchase a new high chair, because you are not familiar with this baby product? If so, you will be surprised to discover that the popular 4moms brand has just unveiled their new high chair. For those parents that are familiar with the 4moms Mamaroo bouncer and Breeze Playard, you will be thrilled with this revelation.

Many parents will find the traditional high chair tray functionality very difficult to master, especially, when your hands are full. The 4moms high chair and tray is equipped with magnets, so there will be no need to ever be forced to use pull-out inserts again. Instead you will just lift the tray up using one hand and then sit it back down on top of the magnetic strips. The magnets are capable of guiding the trap back into position, which is much different than the traditional high chair, where you are forced to position the tray into build-in slots.

4moms high chair

To add convenience to this magnetic technology, 4moms team has also designed a work-of-art meal time accessories that are equipped with magnets, as well. The entire tray has a magnetic strip that is capable of adhering to the accessories, so they will not fall off of the tray, even when flipped upside down. You will receive a free bowl and lid with your purchase and additional accessories are sold separately.

4moms magnetic accessories

The 4moms high chair is ergonomically designed to fit the child’s body perfectly. This design will not only add comfort, but it will also prevent skin breakdown and injuries. The detachable 5-point harness will keep your infant securely fastened into the high chair, but it is also capable of growing with your child. The 5-point design can be transitioned to a 3-point design, which will be suitable for older children.

With three different color options to select from including black/grey, white/green, and white/grey, you will find a design that fits into your kitchen or dining room décor. The three different height setting options will allow you to make adjustments and although the 4moms high chair is not foldable, you can use the low position and then slide the chair underneath your dining room table.

Although the high chair is not available until 2016, you can preorder early for only $299.99.


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