Fitbit Scales Review: Fitbit Scale Setup

Almost all women will discover that they have some extra unwanted pounds, after the birth of their precious bundle of joy. They also find it challenging to workout and diet, because most of their time is consumed with caring for their newborn’s needs. Of course, this will slowly begin to change, when the infant begins to sleep throughout the night.

If your weight begins to take a toll on your mental psyche, you should take ask for a little assistance from the grandparents, because they will truly love to spend some quality time with their precious grandchild. The father should also be willing to give you a break, so you can focus on yourself and loosing those extra pounds.

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Fitbit Scale Reviews

Whether you choose to go to the gym or stay at home to workout, you will need to purchase the best WiFi scale on today’s market. Of course, you will find many fake brands available to you, but you should skip these and head straight to the Fitbit Aria.

The Fitbit is Wi-Fi compatible and capable of tracking your body weight and BMI. Once you step onto the Fitbit Aria, the display will instantly light up and provide you with an accurate poundage and body fat percent reading.

Fitbit Scale Setup

The Fitbit setup is very simple and all you need to do is create a Fitbit account or download the software, so you can track all of your personal states. Every time, you weigh yourself the reading will automatically be saved to your account. There you will be able to calculate your BMI, weight, and percentage of body fat.

You can download the Fitbit app on your mobile device or use the web-based version, which is located on the Fitbit website. The scale can be setup through any web browser.

The Fitbit is capable of recognizing and storing up to a total of 8 users’ data, while keeping each individual user’s data stored separately and private from others. Aria will instantly recognize your identity through your general weight and BMI percentages.

Best Smart Scale

The maximum weight is 350 pounds, so be sure to keep this in mind, when purchasing the Aria. It is also compatible with the Fitbit Tracker Watch. This smart scale offer versatility, since it will weight in kilograms, pounds, and stones, which can be adjusted through the app or your website account.

The weight increments on body weight and body fat is 0.1. The Fitbit WiFi scale is available in white or black, so you choose which one will fit better with your bathroom décor. The polished glass material and surface design is very aesthetically appealing and will be a great addition to any room.

Fitbit Smart Scale

No one can deny that Fitbit scales are nothing but impressive. If you have any issues setting up your scale, be sure to visit the Fitbit website. It is crucial to note that you should not sit the scale on a throw rug or carpet, while you are weighing, because this can cause interference with accuracy.


  • Superior design
  • Wi-Fi compatible
  • Privacy setup
  • Compatible with IOS, Android, and Windows 8 operating systems

Be sure to check out the price of the Fitbit Aria wireless scale, today.