Hoover Linx Review: Best Vacuum For Nursery

Hoover is a brand that is well-known around the globe. Not only are the Hoover vacuums capable of suctioning up the tiniest debris, but they also offer a long service life. If you are currently in the market for a nursery vacuum, you should consider the Hoover Linx, because it is ergonomically designed to fit the human hand like a glove.

hoover linx reviews

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Hoover Linx Reviews

Most parents are so busy carrying for their newborn that they find it difficult to find time to clean their home. The Hoover Linx is equipped with an 18-volt lithium ion battery, which is capable of offering 20-30 minutes of run time on each charge. If you are using the brush feature, you will receive about 20 minutes of run time, which is suitable for cleaning 1-2 rooms completely.

The cyclone WindTunnel technology will provide a superior suctioning power, so deep down dirt will not be left behind. The vacuum will clean carpet and bare floors, but you will need to use the brush power for linoleum, hardwood, and tile surfaces. The 11-inch nozzle head will clean a wider path, so you can complete a task much quicker.


Hoover Linx Vacuum Reviews

The Linx is equipped with a battery energy gauge, so you will be able to monitor the battery’s power at all times. The low-profile base will make it so much easier to vacuum underneath low furniture and beds.

This stick vacuum has been certified by Energy Star, which means it is very environmental friendly and requires less electricity to charge battery. The height adjustment option is wonderful for the tall and short homemaker, since it will allow you to make quick and easy height modifications.


Hoover Linx Battery

The bagless design offers affordability, since you will never have to purchase expensive replacement dust bags. The lithium-ion battery is interchangeable, so you can purchase an extra one or replacement from stores that sell Hoover products.

The Hoover Linx will be a great addition to your home cleaning products, because it has a very unique and eye appealing design. The power controls are conveniently located on the reclining handle, so you will have easy access to them at all times.

The edge-to-edge cleaning technology will allow the vacuum nozzle to get as near to walls as possible. The battery must be charged completely for 3 hours, before you will receive the full run time.


Hoover Linx Canada

Canadians are just like Americans, because they love to keep their home tidy and neat. Relying on a vacuum to complete home chores can be a little risky, but not if you have a reliable cordless vacuum in your cupboard. The Hoover Linx is a high-quality vacuum that cleans well and is very user friendly.

The dust collector can easily be removed and emptied into the dustbin and replaced, within a matter of seconds.


  • Very affordable
  • Offers versatility in more ways than one (cleans multiple floor surfaces)
  • Light weight (total weight 7 pounds)
  • LED battery light will pulsate, when a charge is required
  • Operates very quietly
  • 2-Year limited warranty including vacuum, battery, and charger

It is important to remove the battery from the vacuum, if you are planning on going on vacation to prevent overcharging.

If you have a newborn and carpet in your nursery, you should definitely consider purchasing the Hoover Linx. It is equipped with a high tech filtering system that will capture the smallest allergens.

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