Reading And Child Brain Development

The first few years of your child’s life, will play a huge role in his/her overall health and development. Developmental monitoring is very important and should coincide with frequent developmental screening, which should be conducted at the 9-month, 18-month, 24-month, and 30-month marks.

Developmental delays are expected in infants of preterm birth and with low birth weight. Your child will to through many developmental phases and accomplish many milestones, along the way.

Why is Child Development Important

While all children develop at their own, it is important to learn the developmental milestones, so you will be able to detect any issues that may arise at any given time. In order for your child to have a healthy development, all of his emotional, social, and educational duties will have to be met. Children that grow up in a happy, loving home will be a step ahead of the process.

Healthy child development will lessen the need for special education courses later on down the road. They will have a longer attention span, so they can retain important information much better. These children also have an overall higher graduation rate, because they exhibit very little to no behavioral issues.

Benefits of Reading to Children

Parents that understand the importance of childhood development will begin to their child at the age of 3 months. A child will advance their cognitive, physical, language, and social skills through reading. At the end of the 4-month mark, your child will begin to babble, make facial expressions, and begins to reach for objects.

Picture books can also play a huge role in your child’s development, because they can interact with the images and the print. They will listen to your voice, while pointing at the images, so over time they will be able to name various objects.

Reading also helps children learn to speak and socialize with others. They will develop their language and focusing skills, so they will be a better student. Verbal reading will help children learn and understand the structure of written language, boost their knowledge of words, and develop new ways to utilize language.

A-Z Reading Levels

Reading Activities A to Z book will help your child, in more ways than one. The A-Z reading levels will help students of all educational levels learn to read much quicker and easier. This strategy tool will provide each child with the appropriate level of support, while challenging their brain.

Love Reading for Kids

The best way to instill the love of reading in your child is to read to them and the earlier you start the better. Remember that children pick up on their parent’s behavior, so if you love reading, so will your child. Pick up that book and begin reading today.