Safety Rules In The Kitchen

If you are a full-time parent, you know how difficult it is to prepare meals, without your child being present. In order to keep your child fully safe, you will need monitor them at all times, which is absolutely impossible, when you are preparing meals. Of course, you can always have some fun with your little one, by allowing them to help you bake cookies, cupcakes, and biscuits.

Staying Safe In The Kitchen

Knives are a huge safety factor, so it is best to avoid letting your little one do any type of dicing or chopping with these sharp kitchen instruments. Children are very prone to falling and if they have a knife in hand, a minor fall injury could potentially turn into a fatal injury. In 2001, it was reported that over 200,000 adolescents and children 14 years of age and under presented in the ER with a fall injury (CDC).

Faber Castell My First Scissors is a much safer option than a sharp kitchen knife. You can give your child green leafy vegetables, pea pods, and fruits to cut up, so they will feel like they are part of the cooking preparation process.

Curious Chef 11-Piece chef kit includes a small apron, a 6-piece measuring set, whisk, spatula, cookie cutter, and several recipe cards. This set is available in pink or blue, so you will have the option of selecting the perfect style for your child.

Importance Of Hand Washing

It is important to start very early on teaching your child about the importance of hand washing. Your skin is your biggest defense against bacteria and virus, which is why it is crucial to keep it clean and healthy.

In order to teach your child the proper technique of hand washing, you should teach them to recite the alphabet, while they are washing their hands. This is enough time to kill germs and bacteria, so they cannot contaminate your food.

Encourage them to wash half-way up their forearm, because they will be placing their hand in deep bowls of food. Make sure that they wash thoroughly between their fingers and nails, as well.

Hot Stoves And Ovens

If you have a toddler or child under the age of 5, you should avoid letting them near the hot stove and oven. Of course, this does not mean that you cannot go ahead and teach them some safety measures involving these two appliances. You should introduce them to the oven mitt or potholder and warm them of potential burns, if they grab a hot pan without a safety mitt intact.

Always keep your pot and pan handles turned toward the back of the stove, so the child will not have access to them. While the microwave is a safe appliance that can be utilized by most older children, you should advise them to never place silverware, aluminum pans, or tinfoil inside the microwave.

How To Read A Recipe

Begin early teaching your child how to read recipe cards and a cookbook. This will definitely prepare your child for academic excellence, improve speech and communication skills, form a stronger parent-child bone, enhances focus and concentration, while offering your child a lot of new experiences.


When your child becomes old enough to climb and desires to help you in the kitchen, you should definitely consider the Graco Transitions step stool. This is the perfect climbing tool that will give your child that extra little boost that is needed to get on the toilet or reach the sink.

The Graco is constructed out of polypropylene, which is sturdy and easy to clean. This is a two-step transitional stool, so your child will also have the option of utilizing it for a seat. It only weight 15.2 ounces, which is very lightweight and your child will be able to push it around, without difficulty.


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