Tips For Mommy: Best Way To Clean Baby Bottles

Raising a child is a lot of work. As a parent, there are going to be new practices and information that you need to delve into. Perhaps, you have reared a child before and already have a handle on the tasks at hand, even if this is the case there is always more knowledge that you can acquire and use to care for your baby. For instance, you may not know that both baby formulas and breast milk are susceptible to harmful contaminations, if they are not handled or stored properly. This is why cleaning your baby’s bottles properly may be key to keeping your child in good health. Below you will find more information about how to clean a baby bottle.

How To Clean Baby Bottles

As far as cleaning supplies, you will need plenty of hot water, dishwashing soap, bottle and nipple brush, tongs, and a dish drainer. Besides  these are probably items that you already have in your home and use on a daily basis.

To begin this process you will fill your kitchen sink with hot water and simply add dishwashing soap. You now want to disassemble the bottle and place all the components into the hot soapy water. Fill the bottle with the soapy water, place the brush inside and rotate it, making sure to scrub the sides and bottom thoroughly. Once the inside of the bottle is sufficiently clean, be sure to rinse thoroughly with running tap water, because the soapy residue can cause tummy aches.

To clean the nipples you will need to use the nipple brush. Be sure to wash the nipple and the nipple holes. It is even recommended to squeeze the hot soapy water through the nipple holes to clear any milk clogs or residue that might be trapped inside the tiny hole. Once the nipple is sufficiently clean, be sure to rinse thoroughly with running tap water.

To complete the process you want to use your sanitized tongs to remove the nipple, bottle, and other components. Place the all the baby bottle components into your dish drainer to let them dry, before filling with milk.

how to clean baby bottles

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OXO Bottle Brush with Nipple Cleaner

While it is not necessary to purchase extra cleaning supplies, you may find that the OXO bottle brush with nipple cleaner will make the task a breeze. The straw brush is designed to reach deep into the bottle to remove milk from the tight, hard-to-reach spaces. Learning how to clean a baby bottle and nipple will be a breeze with the OXO.


Baby Bottle Liners

Even if you are using plastic disposable bottle liners, it is imperative to clean the bottles and nipples between feedings. Keep in mind that it is even an acceptable practice to additionally wash your bottles in a dishwasher, as long as the manufacturer’s label states that the bottles are dishwasher safe.

Another important bit of information is that you should wash your hands thoroughly with hot soapy water for at least 20 minutes, before cleaning the bottles. In order to get the hand washing routine down pat, you should consider reciting the alphabet, while you scrub between the fingers, nails, hands, and half-ways up the forearm.

sterilizing baby bottles

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Electric Steam Sterilizer

If you do not trust the traditional bottle cleaning technique, because you worry about harmful germs coming into contact with your baby, you should consider the Philips AVENT steam sterilizer. This is 3-in-1 sterilization system that is capable of eradiating 99.9% of germs.

The AVENT only takes 6 minutes to achieve the successful sterilization process. It holds baby bottles, nipples, rings, and caps, along with a variety of breast pump accessories. The 3-in-1 design offers customizable options ranging from small configuration to large. If you have never discovered a suitable technique to clean pacifiers and teething rings, you are in luck, because the AVENT has a large compartment that is capable of holding these items.


  • Completes a full sterilization cycle in 6 minutes
  • Includes a 2-Year warranty in purchase price
  • 3-in-1 configuration adjustability
  • Compact design for easy storing and transporting
  • Constructed out of rust and tarnish-free materials


  • Does not clean baby accessories, but sterilizes wonderfully

Overall Assessment

Cleaning baby bottles is definitely a task that all parents must endure, but with the Phillips AVENT 3-in-1 electric steam sterilizer, the task will be much easier. The sterilizer is capable of producing a high temperature steam that will eradicate 99.8% of germs.

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