Angelcare AC401 Review

Are you interested in purchasing a great monitor for your child? Although it is a good idea to equip yourself with one of the best baby monitor, it is also a good idea to choose a movement and sound monitor, such as the Angelcare AC401. This innovative little device can provide you with astounding peace of mind, while your child sleeps! Ready to return to restful sleep? If this is the case, you’ll definitely want to consider checking out this product. Below, you will learn more about this movement and sound monitor.

angelcare ac401 review

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Under The Mattress Movement Sensor

First and foremost, the Angelcare AC401 is equipped with a very impressive movement sensor pad. This pad slips underneath the child’s mattress. Once installed, it will work consistently to detect your child’s movements. If no movement has been detected, after 20 seconds, an alarm will sound, so you can quickly check on your child.

This can help to ensure that you and your child get a restful night’s sleep.


Full Color Digital Parent Unit

The parent unit is equipped with an easy-to-read full color screen. This screen allows your to maintain your peace of mind and learn more about your child’s movements and environment. This device can tell you the precise temperature of your toddler’s nursery and allows you to make adjustments to various settings.

At the same time, you can carry this unit from room to room. The range is thoroughly impressive and it works well throughout the entirety of my house. The parent unit is equipped with 4 AAA rechargeable batteries. 2 AC adapters are included, so both devices can be charged simultaneously.


Benefits Of The Product

Overall, this specific baby movement monitor is very helpful and provides many great features. Below, I will provide you with some of the features that I like the best.

  • Definitely provides me with reassurance, at night
  • Can detect sound and movement or sound only
  • Allows me to instantly check on the temperature of the nursery
  • Can set temperature alerts to ensure my daughter’s comfort
  • Delivers very good quality audio
  • Incredibly affordable price tag


Overall Angelcare AC401 Review

Overall, I have been very impressed with this particular monitor. Although it does lack video, it can be used in conjunction with a baby video monitor. At the same time, it works extremely well and is definitely inexpensive. It looks great, delivers great audio and offers endless peace of mind. Although it does go off once in awhile for no reason, I can deal with this. In the end, I love it!

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