Exploring August Smart Lock Reviews – Is It Worth It?

Throughout the years, homeowners have gone above and beyond to keep their homes secured from thieves and burglars. Thankfully, in the past few years, a few highly innovative products have been released and are capable of securing your home even further. August Smart Locks look to set the standard in home security, while protecting your home and providing you with an extremely convenient way to gain access to your home. What is this device all about and is it worth your money? Below, you will be able to find out!

august smart lock review

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August Smart Locks Overview

So, what are these devices all about? Well, the August Lock is a keyless entry system for your home. It works hand in hand with your home’s existing deadbolt, which makes installation convenient and quick. The device is unlike anything else on the market, since it doesn’t require you to perform any task, in order to gain entry into your home. Instead, the system is capable of detecting your smart phone and unlocking your door! Pretty impressive, huh?


August Smart Lock Price

So, how much does the system cost? There is no doubt that it is somewhat more expensive than the traditional alternatives. In fact, it is very expensive, when compared to regular deadbolts, which are opened with a key. However, the device’s features help to justify the price increase. Since there is nothing else like it, the price is more than justified.


August Smart Lock Installation

If you’re not a tech savvy individual and not great with your hands, you’ll likely be concerned about the install of the August Smart Lock, but you shouldn’t be! The installation process is actually quick, easy and thoroughly convenient. The majority of consumers will be able to get the lock installed, within a matter of 10 minutes. This is possible, because it utilizes your existing deadbolt and previous hardware. Nothing need to be changed. If you’re in need, you can find a video guide here.


You Maintain Total Control

With the August Smart Lock, you will be able to maintain complete control over your home’s entry. You can control who gains access to your home and exactly how long their access will remain. This is completed through the smart phone application. Below, you will be able to discover the features provided.

  • Send instant invitations
  • Control access level, schedule and notifications for each guests
  • Keep track of visitor logs to see who entered your home, when they entered and when they left

Overall, this is pretty impressive and the log feature works brilliant! If something goes missing from your home, you’ll know exactly who was inside and they’ll be busted right away.


Accessing Your Home

So, how do you access your home with the August Smart Lock? The process is quick, single and nearly effortless. The device is capable of detecting your smart phone. When the iOS and Android application is installed on your phone and the system has granted you access, it’ll automatic unlock, when you approach! The device is powered by your home’s electricity, but it also uses four AA batteries. Therefore, you will always be able to gain entry to your home, even if the electricity or Wi-Fi are out.

When this technology, you won’t need to reach for your keys or input some code, which is tremendously difficult to remember. Instead, the system and your smart phone will handle all of this for you! The outside of your home will still feature the deadbolt key lock, so you can always get inside, if something goes wrong, but it most likely won’t. Also, the lock automatically locks back, after a short period of time.


August Smart Locks Pros

When it comes down to it, the majority of those that have submitted a August Smart Lock review agree that the device is truly beneficial and well worth the price tag. Below, you will be able to find all of the pros associated with the lock for your convenience.

  • Installation is quick and easy
  • System allows the homeowner to maintain complete control over access
  • Works with all single cylinder deadbolts
  • Operates on four AA batteries, in case your electricity of Wi-Fi are unavailable
  • Available in four beautiful colors
  • Locking mechanism is hidden inside, so the key deadbolt remains outside
  • Everlock ensures that your door remains locked
  • App works great and offers plenty of excellent options
  • Works with Bluetooth technology


August Lock Review

When it comes down to it, the August Smart Lock is very impressive. The setup is effortless, the application is versatile and the lock works fairly well. There is nothing quite like this product and it is the best in its field, at the moment! If you’re absolutely intent on having a highly innovative keyless entry system at your home, this one is the one that you should check out! Be sure to learn more about the best smart lock today!

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