Baby Girl Died – Boston Police Stumped for Clues

Boston Massachusetts police are searching for a potential killer, after Baby Doe washed ashore on a Boston Harbor beach. On June the 25 of 2015, a woman walking her dog spotted a strange trash bag on a Deer Island beach. Inside, the remains of a little girl were found. After further analysis, the police has put together a composite image of the girl, who is now being referred to as Baby Doe. The police seem to be stumped for clues, as they’re asking for the help of the public.

So, what do police know about the baby girl that died? Honestly, not much. The remains were discovered inside of the trash bag along with some other items, including a white leggings, which were being worn. Also inside was a zebra-print blanket. It appears that the clothes are fairly clean and well kept. This leads one to believe that the girl was potentially well cared for, during life.

baby girl died


They currently believe that the girl was around 4 years old, when she passed. They suspect she weighed around 30 pounds and was approximately 3.5 feet tall. The police and investigators insists it is going to be a potentially long and grueling search for answers, since the girl likely had no fingerprints or other identifying information, within any national databases.

There are also some suggestions that the little kid could have potentially been missing toddler, Katherine Phillips, or Baby Kate. Unfortunately, DNA tests have proven that the missing remains do not belong to Baby Kate. If you remember, Baby Kate’s father, Sean Phillips, was eventually imprisoned and charged with the murder of the infant. Strange enough, the baby was last seen wearing a one-piece outfit, which was white and had black polka dots. With the release of the DNA testing, it appears Baby Kate is till missing and Baby Doe’s identity is still unknown.

So, who is the Baby Doe of Boston? Will anyone ever know? You can find more information and more pictures, by visiting Baby Doe’s Missing page.