Baby Jogger City Select Reviews

Are you currently browsing the market for a good baby stroller? There are hundreds on the market, which can make the purchase a little difficult. Some are well worth the money, while others won’t last you more than a few months. So, how does the Baby Jogger City Select work? Within this Baby Jogger City Select review, you will get an inside look at the product and find out how well it performed for me.

Baby Jogger City Select Price

First and foremost, you might as well get it out of the way. This isn’t one of those cheap baby strollers. In fact, it is quite expensive and will put a good little dent in your budget. Will it be out of some parent’s budget? Yes, most certainly. Still, it is an unbelievably good stroller, which helps to justify the overall price.

Durability and Specs

Next, you should know about the durability and specifications of this baby stroller. The dimensions are approximately 53x26x39 inches. Overall, the product weighs 43 pounds. This will make it a little difficult for a mother to carry on her own. Still, it is superbly durable and capable of supporting chibaby jogger city select reviewldren from 5 to 90 pounds! The weight is the accumulated weight, when the entire stroller is put together. Without all of the additional Baby Jogger City Select accessories, the product will only weigh about 30 pounds.

Twice the Fun

If you’ve got two children, you will find that the Baby Jogger City Select sale is actually a good one. This is the case, because the stroller comes with two individual seats! This makes it one of the best baby strollers for twins or multiple children. At the same time, the device folds up easily and is very narrow, when condensed down. This makes it tremendously easier to transport. If you’re headed out to the grocery store or want to tour a nature trail, this baby stroller is more than suitable for the task at hand!


Overall, this particular baby stroller is very beneficial and will provide you with many pros! First, if you read many Baby Jogger City Select reviews, you will find most favorable comments! This can definitely put your mind at ease, as it did mine. Below, you will find more pros for this stroller.

  • Baby Gizmo’s Best Tandem Stroller of 2010
  • Capable of going anywhere and everything
  • Can be used for all babies from birth and up
  • Very durable and will last for a long period of time
  • Two seats for two children, or a removable seat
  • Numerous Baby Jogger City Select accessories available for more functions
  • Condenses down perfectly for better mobility


After using this baby stroller for a significant period of time, it is definitely one of the best! It comes with plenty of conveniences, excellent features, comfort and available accessories. Of course, the price is very expensive! Is it worth saving up for? I would definitely recommend it! However, this is a question that you must answer for yourself.

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