How to Deal with Baby Sinuses

As a loving mother, you want the very best for your baby! It can be tremendously heartbreaking, when you notice that you baby stuffy nose at night! With this in mind, you will want to work diligently to deal with your baby nose congestion. Obviously, babies are human, so there will be baby sinuses. So, how can you care for your bay runny nose? Below, you will find tips for helping your stuffy nose baby!

baby nose congestionSalin Drop

First and foremost, you should attempt to try saline or saltwater drops. This type of solution can generally be found at your local store. Make sure to place a few drops of this solution into each of the baby’s nostrils. After this, you will want to make sure to clean out the baby’s nostrils and remove the mucus. This can be done using a bulb syringe or a product specifically designed for this purpose. By doing this right before feeding time, your baby will have a much easier time eating!

If you need something to clean our your baby’s nostrils, you’ll want to consider NeilMed Naspira Oral Suction Aspirator. This particular product is much easier to use and softer than something like the Baby Comfy Nose. It also appears to be much more durable!

heal baby nose congestion

Consider a Vaporizer

There is no doubt that a humidifier or vaporizer can be somewhat expensive, but not all of them are! I highly recommend the Vicks 1.5 Gallon Vaporizer, if you’re working on a limited budget. Make sure that you keep the machine cleaned regularly, in order to prevent the growth of mold. Either way, this product will help to get rid of your baby’s stuff nose, which is the result of a baby sinus infection.

Pat their back

Sometimes, you just beed to provide your baby with a few loving pats on their back. This can help to unclog their chest congestion and unstop their nose. You can do this, while he or sits on your lap or while you hold them. Be sure to cup your hand, before slapping them on the back. This will make it tremendously easier for your baby to cough up the mucus.

Wait it Out

Unfortunately, your baby’s sinuses are much like yours. You just need to wait it out sometimes. Take note of your baby’s behavior. If they appear to be in distress, you should take action. If they do not, you shouldn’t worry about it too much and just keep and eye on it! As long as they’re able to eat and drink as normal, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Remember to never give children under 4 cough or cold medications.


At the end of the day, there are many different ways to help your baby, during this trying time! Be sure to show them tremendous love and supervision. With the steps above, you will be able to unclog their nose and allow them to breath a little easier!