Best Aluminum Free Deodorant Review

If you have small children that are always sitting in your lap or coming into contact with your deodorant and perfume, you will definitely want to choose body products that are free of harmful chemicals. This Crystal deodorant review will prove to you that this is the best natural deodorant available on today’s market.

Deodorant With Aluminum

Aluminum chlorohydrate has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease and autism in children. If you have small children they will definitely come into contact with your body and perfume sprays and that is why you should select the best deodorant without aluminum, which is Crystal.

This deodorant contains natural mineral salts, which are completely safe for humans and the environment. One stick of Crystal will last up to 1 year and that is with using it on different parts of your body. It is safe enough to use under your armpits, without causing irritation or clogging the sweat glands.

best aluminum free deodorant

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Thai Crystal Deodorant Review

Crystal does contain ammonium alum, which is a type of salt that is nontoxic. It has been utilized for many different applications including water purification, dyeing processes, and to combat body odor.

This deodorant is very safe and can be utilized all over the body, especially the feet to combat smelly odors. You must not place the stick on a marble or granite counter top, because it potentially cause the mineral salts to melt.

Crystal has been endorsed by Cancer Treatment Centers around the globe, since it is hypoallergenic and does not contain free radicals (cancer causing agents). Thai Crystal is a product of Thailand.


Natural Deodorant Reviews

Most individuals are concerned about natural deodorants not being able to combat underarm odor, but they should not. The invisible battier that stays on the skin is capable of eliminating sweaty odors for long periods of time. The protective barrier will not rub off onto your clothing or leave a sticky residue. It goes on clear and stays on the skin.

You will need to wet the end of the deodorant stick, before applying it to the skin. It is suggested that you should leave it stored in the upside down position, so the water will not collect into the base of the container and cause the mineral salts to dissolve.


  • Very affordable (one stick last almost a year)
  • Contains 100% natural mineral salts
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Environmental friendly product
  • Fragrance and paraben free

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