Best Baby Bouncer 2015 – Personal Choices

Are you interested in keep your child entertained, while you complete your daily chores? Although you could sit him or her in front of the television screen, this isn’t a good idea. Instead, you will want to consider providing your child with something that will keep them active and busy! Why not use a baby bouncer? One of these products will keep your child happy and amused, while you go about your chores. Of course, it is essential to make sure that you put a little bit of effort into this purchase. Below, you will be able to discover the best baby bouncers 2015!


What is a baby bouncer?

A baby bouncer is a type of entertainment toy for a child. They are usually equipped with a harness, which is supported by elastic straps. Some are independent, while others can be strapped to a doorway. When the child sits in the seat, they’ll be able to bounce around and jump up and down, without danger in more situations.

fisher price rainforest jumperoo review

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#1 The Best Baby Bouncer 2015 – Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

Fisher-Price has been in the baby industry for a significant period of time. Their products are known for being well designed, professional built and extremely durable! This is especially true with the Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo! This jumper is manufactured with a metal frame and is capable of withstanding quite a bit of wear and tear! The rotating seat is very comfortable and will allow your child to experiment with their motor skills, while keeping themselves entertained.

This product is equipped with fun music, which can stimulate your baby’s auditory and visual senses. When the device isn’t in use, you can easily fold it together and store it away! It only weighs 16.5 pounds, so it is easy to move about.

Truthfully, the only downside of this product is the lack of a canopy. Otherwise, this product is wonderful and well worth exploring further! As of this writing, it is our number 1 pick and can accommodate children up to 25 pounds.

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fisher price auto rock n sleeper

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Fisher-Price Auto Rock ‘N Play Sleeper Review

Some rockers and bouncers are designed for different purposes. If you want a bouncer that will put your child to sleep, you’ll definitely want to check out the Rock ‘n Play Sleeper! This rocker doesn’t require your child’s movement, in order to move back and forth. Instead, it automatically moves on its own! The calming movement will ultimately help to soothe your baby to sleep.

There are also many other features that are excellent with this product! It comes with 12 songs and 3 unique sound effects! The songs are great and very relaxing! If you want the rocker to move at a slower pace, you can easily do so! It is equipped with two individual rocking speeds! Push the button and step away! the rocker will automatically rock back and forth, without any assistance.

Take note that this baby rocker utilizes an AC plug in. Battery operation is also provided. Some consumers suggest that this item is very loud, when in use. Although I didn’t experience this, it could be very annoying and would defeat the purpose of the rocker. Overall, I like it!

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bright stars baby bouncer

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Bright Starts Baby Bouncer Review

Finally, some parents won’t want to spend lavishly, in order to present their child with a great baby bouncer! If this sparks your interest, you’ll certainly want to check out the Bright Starts Playful Pinwheels Bouncer! This one is very small, lightweight and incredibly adorable! Best of all is the fact that the product is very affordable and won’t take a big dent out of your wallet.

This product is equipped with a cradling seat, which is capable of supporting your child and providing them with great comfort! The soothing vibration of the seat can calm your child’s nerves and lure them to sleep. Of course, a toy bar is also included for when your child wants to play! Batteries are included! You’ll need a C battery, which will last approximately 20 hours.

For the price, this baby bouncer is definitely a good buy! It might not be the best one for napping or playing, but it is well rounded, cheap and well worth the price!

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Types of Baby Bouncers

When attempting to purchase one of these items, it is essential to make sure that you choose the right type. There are several and each operates differently. Below, you will learn about the different types of baby bouncers.

  • Framed Bouncers – Framed bouncers are completely independent and are equipped with their own frames. The frame is capable of withstanding the baby’s weight and doesn’t need to be attached to a doorway.
  • Doorway Bouncers – Doorway bouncers attach to a doorway, which can provide you with a little more reassurance. They’re typically more affordable, but your baby’s movement can be limited, with these types of bouncers.
  • Battery Operated Bouncers – There are also bouncers, which are battery operated! These are wonderful and bounce your child back and forth, without your baby’s movement. The device moves on its own, which is great for children, who like constant motion.


What To Look For In A Baby Bouncer

When attempting to purchase one of these products, it is essential to make sure that you look at all aspects of the bouncer! There are numerous characteristics to consider and these will be listed below for your consideration.

  • Safety Harness – The majority of these products are equipped with a three point safety harness or belt. Make sure that the harness is very effective and secure! This will prevent your child from slipping or falling out of the seat!
  • Sturdiness – Choosing a sturdy device is absolutely vital! The frame should be well built and shouldn’t tip or fall over very easy!
  • Comfort – Padding is imperative! Remember that your child will be bouncing around furiously. Therefore, you should make sure that the seat is padded to perfection! This will prevent your child from suffering from injuries.
  • Convenience – Choosing a rocker that is convenient will be a great help to you, as the parent! Be sure to select one that is easy to disassemble or fold up and store away. The item should also be very light in weight to ensure that you can move it easily.
  • Console – Some of these products are equipped with electronic consoles! If you want one of the best bouncers for babies, you’ll definitely want one with music, lights and sounds! These features will keep your child amused to no end!
  • Canopy – A canopy may or may not matter so much to you. Do you want to take your baby’s bouncer outside and allow him or her to enjoy the sun? If so, you’ll definitely want to choose a bouncer with a canopy!
  • Toys and Accessories – Finally, you should look for a bouncer that is equipped with a nice toy bar! The toys on these bars are capable of educating your child and allow them to explore their senses. Be sure to choose a bouncer with a good toy bar!


Safety Tips For A Baby Bouncer

When utilizing a baby bouncer, it is imperative to make sure that you do so safely! You do not want to jeopardize your child’s safety! Therefore, you should utilize the tips below to keep your child safe!

  • Make sure your child is strapped in properly, when in use!
  • Always read the manufacturer’s included manual! Follow the recommendations and specifications provided inside.
  • Always use the sun canopy, when outside.
  • Try to keep an eye on your child, during play!



At the end of the day, each individual consumer will find that a bouncer that is best for their individual purposes. Each is different and everyone will have a unique opinion. Above, you have found a few of the best baby bouncers 2015! I sincerely hope the information has helped in one way or another!