Best Baby Items 2015 – Personal Must Haves

Each and every year, new products are released and they tend to push the envelope further and further. This year, some very impressive items have been made available to the public. Some are better than others, but the majority have been better than those released in previous years. During this year, I have purchased a few items, which have proven to be exceptionally helpful and well worth their price. Within this guide, I will tell your precisely which items are personal must haves!

Summer Infant 2015 3D Lite Convenience Stroller

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Best Stroller of 2015 – Summer Infant 2015 3D Lite Convenience Stroller

In the past year, an assortment of strollers have been released, but the Summer Infant 2015 is undoubtedly one of the most amazing. There is something special about this item, which makes it stand out amongst the competition. It doesn’t necessarily stand out in any specific area, but it is so well rounded that it is great in all areas. It is affordable, durable, stylish and well worth the price tag! The 12 pound frame will last a lifetime, as long as you take good care of it!

It is available in 6 stylish colors ranging from black to tangerine, pink and even blue! If you’ve got a preference, Summer Infant has got you covered! This stroller reclines in 4 places and utilizes a 5 point safety harness. This ensures that your child, regardless of their age, will not be able to escape their seat! I really like the super large sun visor! It works very well and prevents the sun from scorching your child!

As long as your child is under 50 pounds, this is definitely one of the best strollers on the market! More excellent features will be listed below.

  • Very durable 12 pound frame
  • Multiple reclining positive
  • Very large storage basket for all of your baby’s supplies
  • Easily condenses down thanks to the 3-D fold
  • Can be carried around easily with the carry strap
  • Awesome sun visor keeps the sun out of your child’s face and eyes
  • 6 stylish colors to choose from
  • Comes with a convenient cup holder
  • Exceptionally well rounded
  • More than worth the price

Overall, you truly cannot go wrong with the Summer Infant 2015 3D Lite Convenience Stroller. It is stylish, lightweight, convenient, durable and very comfortable. With that being said, it is definitely one of the best baby products 2015!

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iBaby Monitor

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Best Baby Monitor of 2015 – iBaby Monitor M6 HD

In this day and age, all parents need to equip themselves with a sufficient baby monitor. This year, an assortment of monitors have been released, while older models have been upgraded. The iBaby Monitor M6 Hd Wi-Fi Wireless Digital Baby Video Camera is a personal favorite of mine this year! I absolutely love the adorable design, which makes it ever so attractive. Of course, the functionality of this device is impressive, as well.

When connected to your iOS or Android phone, you will be able to control the camera. The camera offers 360 degrees of pan and 110 degrees of tilt. Honestly, this baby monitor feels like a security camera, when it comes to the camera’s functionality, capabilities and crystal clear video quality. However, it is specifically designed for babies and this is fairly obvious, when you begin looking at the other features of this machine! For instance, it can play music to your child through the iBaby music player! You can even record your own voice and play it back to your child to calm them down!

How about the installation time? It is very quick and straightforward. You can have it up and running within a matter of minutes. Specifications and features of the device can be found below!

  • Works perfectly with many iOS and Android devices
  • Very fast Wi-Fi speeds at 2.4 GHz
  • Offers very impressive video at 720p HD
  • Plays music and allows you to speak to your child
  • Super fast installation and setup
  • Works on the go
  • Can be used by friends and other family members
  • 2-way audio
  • For the price, the performance is out of this world!

Overall, this is my favorite baby monitor of 2015. It is stylish, well made and offers many excellent features! If you need a reliable baby monitor for your child, this is the one to check out further!

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Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate

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Best Safety Gates 2015 – Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate

Eventually, your child is going to start walking and crawling. Who knows? 2015 could be that year! Although this is a wonderful time in any parent’s life, it is also brings about some new responsibilities. How are you going to prevent your child from wandering too far? Have no fear and look no further than the Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate! This baby safety gate has been an absolute pleasure to work it! Not only is it great for babies and toddlers, but also it works significantly well for small dogs, such as my Dachshunds.

Why is this one of the top baby products 2015? Well, there are numerous reasons! First, the installation is effortless and won’t destroy your walls. You don’t even need to use screws or nails. Instead, it relies on pressure alone. Position the gate, turns the knobs and you’re finished. Also, this baby safety gate is very well rounded and can be used in all kinds of different locations! In fact, it can be used as a top of the stairs safety gate, if need be.

The gate is capable of extending from 29 to 34 inches, which should be excellent for most doorways and staircases. An extra 6-inch extension kit is included, if you wish to block off an area up to 40 inches. Oh, did I mention the gate itself? It opens and allows you to walk through, without a problem! The safety lock can be opened with a single hand, which makes traversing through easy and convenient.

  • Overall dimensions of 40x2x30 inches, which guarantees your child stays put
  • Installation is effortless
  • Can be opened easily with one hand
  • Works with dogs and children
  • With the right pressure, the gate cannot be knocked over easily
  • Doesn’t damage the walls
  • Can be used for staircases
  • Overall, a fantastic value

If you need a safety gate and want to protect your toddler, this is the one to get! It is highly affordable, easy to install and will never let you down! With the Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate, you can maintain your peace of mind and keep your toddler in check, at all times! I love it and you likely will too!

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To Be Continued

Thus far, these are a few of my personal top baby products 2015. Of course, I am not finished yet! I will be back and will post a second part to this post in the future. Until then, be sure to hang tight and continue looking for a future update. Have any suggestions or recommendations? Be sure to let me know!