Best Baby Sunscreen 2015 – A Complete Guide

With summer in full bloom, it is vital to make sure that you take precaution to protect your child from sun damage. Although it is possible to keep your child indoors, at all times, this isn’t realistic! Your child needs the sun, so you will want to find the best baby sunscreen and utilize it to protect your son or daughter! What is the best sunscreen for babies? Below, you will learn about some of your best options.


Putting Sunscreen on Babies

First and foremost, you should know how to safely put sunscreen on your child! It is vital to check your child’s age, before moving forward. Below, you will find tips for applying protection to your child based on their age!

  • 6 Months and Older – With these children, you should use sunscreen liberally. It is recommended that you avoid exposing your child to the sun from 10am to 2pm. When taking your child out into the sun, you should protect them with the appropriate clothing, hat, and sunglasses.
  • Children Under 6 Months – Children under this age should be kept out of direct sunlight! When taking them outside, you should make sure to protect them properly with clothing! Hats with brims and sunglasses are essential!


What Is The Best Sunscreen For Babies

Choosing the best sunscreen means that you’ll need to look for some specific items and characteristics. A broad-spectrum sunscreen is vital! Make sure that the SPF is 15 or higher! It is often recommended that parents protect their children with a sunscreen, which is broad-spectrum, with a SPF rating of 30 or more. It is a good idea to avoid sunscreens, which contain harsh chemicals. Some of these will be listed below for your consideration.

  • Zinc oxide
  • Titanium dioxide
  • Insect repellents, DEET

As long as you follow the information above, you will be able to choose the best sunscreen for babies! Below, you will find some of the best sunscreen for babies 2015. Be sure to take a look at these products closely and use the provided insights to choose the sunscreen that is right for you!

best sunscreen for babies

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Best Sunscreen For Baby – Thinkbaby Safe Sunscreen Review

Price should never be a factor, when it comes to your child’s safety and protection. With this in mind, you will definitely want to consider investing in ThinkBaby Safe Sunscreen. This is undoubtedly the best sunscreen for kids 2015 and has been rating highly amongst its competitors. What makes it so great? Well, it can provide you child with the highest SPF protection, which is 50+!

When used, this sunscreen is capable of protecting your child, by resisting water for approximately 80 minutes. This is the first sunscreen, which has passed the Whole Foods Premium Care Requirements. This can provide you with peace of mind, when purchasing and using this product on your child. This lotion works great, is easily absorbed and doesn’t leave a greasy residue behind. It does present a natural fragrance, but it is barely noticeable. Overall, this sunscreen is great and well worth the price!

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Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen

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Best Baby Sunscreen 2014 – Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen

If you’re looking to experience a highly reputable sunscreen, which is widely considered to be one of the best of the year, you’ll definitely want to check out Blue Lizard! This sunscreen is effective and entirely safe! It is free of parabens, fragrances and harsh chemicals. In fact, the lotion is entirely safe on your baby’s skin! This is a great sunscreen for babies with sensitive skin too!

For your convenience, the bottle of the lotion actually turns pink, when potentially harmful UVA rays are present. This product can protect your child from UVA and UVB rays. It offers SPF protection of 30+. One of the best aspects of all is that this lotion is water resistant for 240 minutes! I love it and it doesn’t smell bad at all! Of course, the smart bottle technology is very impressive and reassuring!

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At the end of the day, all parents should purchase a sufficient sunscreen, which is capable of protecting their child perfectly! The two listed above are some of the best! If you’re looking for an organic alternative, you will want to check out our Babyganics Sunscreen Review. Any and all of these options are more than reasonable, as long as you read the information above and follow the instructions carefully!