Best Books for Toddlers

In order to make sure that your baby remains entertained and gets a little education, you will want to make sure that you supply your baby with the very best toddler books! These books can help to educate your child, while giving you a little downtime. Of course, there are many books out there and all suggest they are one of the best books for babies. Below, you will be able to find a breakdown of the best baby books.

Naptime With Theo and Beau Review

Sleep time is very important for your baby, but preparing for bed is even more so, because it is the time that mommy and baby can bond. Of course, this special time would not be so much fun, without the popular toddler books.popular toddler books

Theo and Beau book is about a little boy that receives a new rescue puppy and how their relationship blooms. The beautiful images capture how Theo and Beau share naptime together, through the puppy’s and boy’s milestones.

Your child will be in amazement with this wonderful little book, plus it will put him/her to sleep very easily. Great for children between 2-5 years of age and contains 40 pages of beautiful written content and images.


Llama Llama Sand and Sun Review

If you’re looking for interactive books for babies, you’ll definitely want to check out Llama Llama Sand and Sun! The book is filled with 10 pages and each of them have their very own interactive elements. The pages are very big and feature adorable cartoons. Thepopular toddler books words are small, but good for teaching your child. This is an excellent book that is equipped with touch and feel elements that will keep your child amused throughout.

Overall, this is definitely one of, if not the very best book for toddlers. It is downright adorable and can actually teach your child a thing or two!


Shark vs. Train Baby Book Reviewbest book for toddlers

If your baby is a fan of superheroes and epic battles, they’ll love the showdown between Shark and Train! The book like be entirely farfetched, but this makes it absolutely perfect for your baby! This board book will keep your baby interested, while giving you a good chuckle. There is no doubt that this is one of the most popular toddler books of 2015 and this is no coincidence! It is very charming. Don’t be surprised, if you find yourself continuing to read, after your child has drifted off to sleep. The book is 20 pages. The book is suitable for preschools to second graders!


Henry Finds His Word Review

best baby booksIf you want your child to get a head start, this is an excellent book. This book is 32 pages and is suitable for children from 3 to 5 years old. Of course, you could always work with younger children and help them follow along. The book follows Baby Henry and his parents, as they wait to hear his first spoken word. This is definitely one of the best books for toddlers and will help undoubtedly help your child begin to learn his or her own words.

It is absolutely adorable and filled with cute illustrations and drawings. The book is suitable for many children and will definitely captivate most!


Best Baby Book – Little Sleepyhead Review

This sweet little baby book will help you teach your child about his/her body parts. Little Sleepyhead is filled with rhymes that encourage the toddler to move and point at his body part.toddler books

This book is interactive and will encourage you and your child to participate in several simple, but absolutely fun activities. The illustrations will capture the awareness and fantasy of your 2 year and he/she will immediately begin to ask questions, as well as using their imagination.

Little Sleepyhead contains 32 pages of charming written content and illustrations.



Above, you have found some of the top toddler books! Each of these are incredibly adorable and capable of teaching your child a thing or two! For that, they’re all worth checking out.