Best Pet For Toddlers and Top Dogs For Kids

As a parent, you’re likely going to hear a lot of requests from your child. One of these will require you to make a very big decision. Will you cave in and allow your child to have a pet? Before attempting to make this decision, you should take the time to consider the pets that are actually appropriate for toddlers and kids. Within this guide, you will learn about good pets for toddlers and kids.


Things To Consider

Before attempting to find the best pets for toddlers, you should first look at your own specific situation. Below, you will find a list of things to consider, before moving forward.

Toddler’s Age – How old is your toddler at this stage? Are they old enough to be responsible for a dog or cat? Or are they too young for this responsibility? Finding a pet that is age appropriate is absolutely vital.

Space – Bigger pets will require most spacious, which is fairly obvious. Be sure to consider how much room you actually have, before moving forward. Still, you should remember that small dogs might be appropriate for apartments and small homes. Remember that there are many small pets for kids, which will work well for small dwellings.

Cost – How much are you willing to spend on your toddler’s pet? Some pets will cost more overall, while others can be maintained for cheaper prices. Be sure to choose a pet that fits your price range and budget.

Responsibility – Some pets are much more difficult to care for than others. Dogs require a lot of care. Is your child responsible enough for this? Be sure to choose a pet that will fit your lifestyle and your child’s responsibility level.

All of these parameters are absolutely vital and should be considered carefully, before making your decision. This will help yo ensure that you choose the very best pet for kids.


Best Pets For Toddlers

There are many excellent pets that will work well for toddlers and younger kids. Below, you will find a few of these for your consideration. You will also learn about the items needed to allow these pets to thrive.

Geckos – Geckos can be excellent pets for toddlers. They’re fairly safe and won’t bite. Of course, it is typically best, if your toddler doesn’t attempt to pick them up. Foods are readily available for the majority of consumers, which makes them very friendly. In order to house a gecko, you will need a small aquarium or tank. A hiding place is absolutely essential, as well. Leopard Geckos are a good choice for kids and they’ll accept various foods, including mealworms and crickets

Various Fish – Another excellent pet for toddlers is fish. There are various fish that will work perfectly for children. The classic goldfish is always a good choice, but you shouldn’t rule out mollies and others, which are hardy. Feeding these pets is easy and fish flakes can be purchased from most grocery stores. If you want to teach your toddler responsibility, fish are an excellent option. You’ll need an aquarium, food and possibly a few aquarium decorations.

Some Dogs – Some dog breeds are absolutely wonderful for toddlers! Of course, you’ll need to explore the specific breeds to choose one that is toddler and child friendly. We’ll explore these a little later. Dogs require a little more attention and responsibility. For dogs, you’ll need plenty of space, dog food, possibly a kennel and maybe some wee wee pads. Also, you should make sure to put in a lot of time and effort training your dog to use the bathroom outside and behave.

Hamsters – Hamsters are always a fairly good choice, since they’re hardy and fairly easy to care for. You won’t need a whole lot in order to own hamsters. You’ll just need an aquarium, a running wheel, water bottle, wood chips and food. Cleaning the hamster’s tank frequently is highly recommended, so some responsibility is required.

Bearded Dragons – Bearded dragons might look dangerous and mean, but they’re not! In fact, they’re one of the nicest pets a family could own! Also, they’re very easy to care for. They’ll eat a variety of different foods, including lettuce and crickets. Also, you can teach your toddler to handle them, with ease! For these animals, you’ll need an aquarium or tank, basking lamp, thermometer and potentially an under the tank heater.


Top Dogs For Kids

There is no doubt that dogs are some of the best pets for kids. Of course, you should know that each dog breed is definitely. It would be unwise to house a Rottweiler with a toddler. Instead, you’ll want dogs with calm temperaments. Below, you will be able to discover some of the top dogs for kids.

Gold Retriever – These dogs might grow large, but they’re typically very calm and will behave excellently around children.

Beagles – Beagles are great dogs for children and families. They’re lovable, always happy and easy-going.

Bulldogs – Although they might look mean, they’re not! Bulldogs are very friendly and will definitely work well with your children.

Dachshunds – Although these dogs aren’t great for tiny children, they’re acceptable for older children! If your child is old enough to not roughhouse the dog, they’ll get along greatly and can even play together outside. However, they’re not great for small toddlers or babies.



Overall, there are many good dogs for kids, as well as other pets. Make sure that you know exactly which animal will fit your needs best, before making your decision. The information above will be able to guide you in the right direction.

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