Best Post Pregnancy Belly Wrap Reviews

After you have your baby, you’re going to want to slim back down to your normal weight and to a slim tummy. Trust me, I wanted to do the same! Aside from sticking with a healthy diet and exercising regularly, I have found that it is extremely helpful to rely on a post pregnancy belly wrap. What can this sliver or fabric do and how does it work? Below, you will be able to learn. You will also find some of the best postpartum belly wrap reviews below for your consideration.


How Belly Wraps Work

How exactly do these wraps work? They’re very similar to a corset, but most of them aren’t as tight. I’ve found that a postpartum belly wrap is actually much more comfortable to wear. It is also easier to strap around your belly. Still, they work in the same way as a corset. They generally shrink the waistline and can provide immediate results, when worn under clothing. In this manner, the waist looks slimmer.

How to Buy a Belly Wrap

Buying a post baby belly wrap isn’t overly difficult, but you will need to be a little careful, when selecting the size! It is absolutely vital to check the sizing chart and perform necessary measures of your waist and hips. By doing this, you will be able to determine the specific size needed! Remember that these wraps can vary, so it is essential to check with each particular manufacturer for exact measurements.

Use with Stretch Mark Creams and Corsets

The majority of the best belly wraps can be used with other items for more effective. First, you’ll want to try stretch mark creams. This can be applied under the belly wrap. After the belly wrap has been strapped around the body and removed, you can think about wearing a corset, such as the Mother Tucker Corset from Belly Bandit. This item can help to shape and slim the belly even further.

Below, you will be able to find reviews for some best postpartum belly wrap! Be sure to consider your needs and budget, when selecting the best port pregnancy belly wrap for you!


Ingrid & Isabet Women’s Maternal Everyday Bellaband Review

Every pregnant lady knows how much pressure can be put on their back and upper body, when their baby begins to grow larger. Instead of becoming inactive and sitting on the couch all day long, you should consider purchasing the Ingrid & Isabet women’s bellaband. It is constructed out of very soft fabric, which is made up of 84% nylone and 16% postpartum belly wrap

The bellaband is very durable and can safely be tossed into the washer for easy and thorough cleaning. Nylon and cotton fabrics will not fade lose flexibility or elasticity. Of course, you should only use non-chlorine bleach, as needed to avoid bleaching out the fabric. You can toss it in the dryer on a low setting, but avoid ironing, because the material will scorch and melt.

The Ingrid & Isabet only weighs 1 pound, so it will not add pressure or weight on your already large tummy. The silicone strip will prevent the bellaband from slipping up/down. It can be worn underneath clothing or over top of the pants, so you will have options to how you want to wear your band, in style.

In order to get the correct size bellaband, be sure to take the time to view the very simple size chart. The layout is very simplistic, so you can select your correct size, without having to do any guessing. You will have four sizes to choose from and you will have no trouble finding your size, even if you are pregnant with twins.


  • Lightweight
  • Very flexible
  • Grows with your baby belly
  • Very durable and machine washable



C-Section Belly Band – C-Panty High Waist Incision Care Panty Review

Are you scheduled for a C-section or have already undergone the procedure? If so, then you definitely need to consider purchasing the C-Panty, because it will help shrink your uterus and tummy, in a much shorter period of time than without the use of the baby belly wrap

The silicone panel is construction out of medical-grade silicone, so your surgical incision will be protected from injury and bacteria, plus it will also speed up the healing process. The c-panty is also capable of supporting your poor back, which will reduce upper and lower back stress and pain.

You will have 2 different colors to choose from including black and nude, so the panty can be concealed underneath your clothing. Make sure that you take the time to view the size chart, before you actually make your final purchase, because unopened items cannot be returned.

The lightweight construction is great, because it will not add pressure or extra weight to your healing body. The 3.2 ounce weight is an exceptional benefit of the C-panty.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • 92% nylon/8% spandex
  • Silicone strip feature will protect incision and speed up the healing process
  • Ergonomically designed to form to the body perfectly



Belly Bandit Reviews

The Belly Bandit is a stylish, but effective, tummy wrap that is capable of helping to slim down your belly by a few inches. Whether you’re interested in using it under your clothes, or while you sleep, you will be able to do so! I find that this is definitely one of the most comfortable belly wraps. It is also equipped with a Power Compress Core, which delivers proven results. As soon as you get the item on, you can feel your belly tightening.belly bandit reviews

The sizes can be a little awkward, so you will need to be very careful, when making the purchase. The product is definitely a little more expensive than the others, but the Belly Bandit is comfortable and effective!

  • A little expensive, but comfortable and effective
  • Will help lose a few inches quicker
  • Supports core muscles for better results
  • Various sizes to choose from



Shrinkx Belly Postpartum Belly Band Review

The Shrinkx is one of the better known products on the market and this is no coincidence. The product is available in two colors and is readily affordable. Overall, the product seemed to be effective and definitely is wearable underneath clothing. This will ensure that you’re able to feel slimmer immediately, after the purchase.postpartum belly wrap reviews

This is undoubtedly a very comfortable belly band. When I wore it, I could barely tell it was even on. It is extremely lightweight and breathable, so your stomach won’t went profusely. If you’re looking for comfort, but proven results, this might be the best belly wrap for you! It works great and feels even better.

  • Entirely comfortable and breathable
  • Works instantly, when worn under clothing
  • Can slim the waist down significantly



Underworks Post Delivery Belt Review

Although this one is entirely expensive, it works fairly well. Overall, the product is somewhat comfortable. Whether you’re working out, running or sitting around the home, you will be able to wear this product. It works fairly well and can help tighten up loose skin. When attempting to purchase this belly wrap, you will need to be careful and choose a smaller size, since they tend to run a little big!post pregnancy belly wrap

If you’re trying to find an affordable belly wrap to get you started, the Underworks is definitely worth checking out! It is effective, but might be a little too bulky under clothing. This one definitely isn’t the best or most comfortable, but it will get the job done!

  • Affordable price
  • Gets the job done
  • Well rounded