Best Shoes for Toddlers – 2015 Guide

When you become a parent, you’re going to need to ensure that your baby has everything he or she needs. Formula, food and a crib are all important! Of course, some items are ignored, until it is too late. You will want to ensure that you provide your baby with the best infant baby shoes! They need to fit perfectly and look stylish! Still, there are hundreds, if not thousand, baby shoes on sale, which can make the process of shopping for the right pair a little more difficult. Below, you will be able to learn everything you need to know about purchasing your baby the best pair of toddler’s shoes.

How to Size Baby Shoes

First and foremost, you need to discover the exact size of your baby’s feet. This is a little different than purchasing shoes for children and adults. When attempting to size your baby’s feet, you’ll need to get yourself a tape measurer. Once you’ve gotten this, you will need to measure the precise size of your baby’s foot. This measurement should be taken from the bottom of the heel all the way to the top of the biggest or longest toe. Once this is done, you will have a specific size in inches. You can then use the chart below to help you choose the right size for your baby.

  • 3.25 inches – Size .05
  • 3.5 Inches – Size 1
  • 3.65 Inches – Size 1.5
  • 3.75 Inches – Size 2
  • 4 Inches – Size 2.5
  • 4.125 Inches – Size 3
  • 4.25 Inches – Size 3.5
  • 4.5 Inches – Size 4
  • 4.624 Inches – Size 4.5
  • 4.75 Inches – Size 5

Once you’ve learned how to size baby shoes, you will want to begin looking at the best baby shoes and baby shoe brands on the market. Below, you will be able to find some reviews for some of the best shoes for toddlers. Be sure to read the information carefully and choose the shoes that fit your baby’s needs the best!

Salt Water Sandals by Hoy Shoe Surfer Sandal Review

If your little one is a girl, you’ll want to check out these sandals, which are absolutely adorable. The sandals are available in an assortment different colors and sizes to ensure that you get the right style and size for your baby’s feet. The sandals are held into place with two buckles. This type of strapping system allows you to perfectly tighten the sandal to your baby’s feet. This will help to prevent the sandal from being too tight!infant baby shoes

Whether you’re taking your baby to the beach, or out to the grocery store, these sandals will work perfectly. They can be worn on land or out in the water. The shoes weigh less than 1 pound, which helps to ensure that your child will be able to move around in them easily. Overall, these sandals are perfect for for the price and are very stylish, as well.


  • Plenty of sizes to choose from
  • Purchase a bigger size for a better fit
  • Very stylish and easy to strap securely
  • Easy to wash and will last for a significant period of time

Best Shoes For Toddlers – Puma Kids’ Suede Sneaker Review

Your toddler’s feet and comfort are very important and that is why he/she needs a pair of shoes that will provide him with support and comfort. The Puma leather/suede sneaker is very aesthetically appealing and available innumerable colors including purple, black, blue, red, and teal. Of course these shoes are multi-colored, so they will fit perfectly with any shoes on sale

The rubber sole will provide your baby with comfort, while protecting his feet from shock. These Puma is equipped with a hook-and-loop design, which will make it much easier to put them on and take them off. Plus, you will not have to be bothered, by strings, just put the strap through the loop and pull them tight. You will not need to worry about them falling off of their feet or fall injuries.

The padded color will protect your baby’s ankles and upper feet from pressure or stress put on these areas, when they are bending over or stooping down. The insole is removable, so you can replace it with orthotics, if necessary.

Each shoes weight 8 ounces, so they are extremely lightweight. The size runs a little small, so keep this in mind, when you are selecting a size for your child.


  • Non-marking exterior sole, so you will not have to be concerned scuff marks
  • Large array of colors to select from
  • Velcro straps, which will make it easier for your child to put his on shoes own

PUMA Court Point Kids Sneaker Review

If you’re looking for the best toddler shoes that will not wear out, you’ll want to check out the PUMA Court Point Sneakers! As long as you purchase the black model, you will never have to worry about them getting dirty and filthy. The shoes are available in an assortment of different sizes and work perfectly for kids and toddlers! On top of that, they’re incredibly comfortable and your kids will most likely love the PUMA brand, which has grown increasingly popular in the past few shoes for toddlers

Of course, the biggest benefit of the shoes could very well be the straps! With these, you’ll be able to hold off teaching your kids to tie their shoes. The velcro straps will perfectly keep the shoes tightly secured onto your kid’s feet. The shoes are a little heavier than others at 2 pounds, but this shouldn’t be much to worry about.


  • Good buy and will last for several years, until your child outgrows them
  • Sizing shouldn’t be a problem
  • Very stylish, easy to keep clean and the velcro straps work efficiently

Overall, these PUMA baby shoes are right on the money and well worth the price tag. They’re keep your baby comfortable, while keeping money in your wallet or purse.

Pediped Flex Dakota Mary Jane Toddler Shoe Review

It is important that you daughter be dressed in the best attire and shoes, when she heads out the door for kindergarten. If you are concerned about your child’s appearance and feet, you should definitely consider the Pediped Flex Dakota Mary Jane. This shoe is constructed out of soft suede and toddler shoes

This lovely little sneaker is very simple to put on, because it equipped with one large Velcro snap. The great thing about these shoes is they are manufactured in the USA. They are available in several different colors including chocolate/brown, chiffon, fuchsia, and purple, which will definitely make your child’s face light up.

The interior design is constructed out of a very thick memory foam pad, with will keep your child’s feet and ankles very comfortable and safe from blisters. Be sure to keep in mind that this padding is extra thick, so you may want to size up, when selecting this shoe for your child.

The rubber sole will reduce the amount of shock that your child’s feet would normally endure, when running and jumping. Each shoe weighs 5 ounces, which is the perfect weight, because it will not stress her legs out, when she active, even after a tough day at school.


  • Lightweight
  • Super cute and very eye appealing
  • Unique design
  • Made in USA

Vans Kids Atwood Skate Shoes Review

If you’re looking for a pair of kid’s skate shoes to protect your child’s feet, you’ll want to check out the Vans! These are available in an assortment of different colors and each is just as cool as the others. This is the best toddler shoes, if you’re willing to teach your kids to tie their laces. If you’re ready for that challenge, these are the best shoes for your child!infant baby shoes

The shoes are very comfortable, regardless of the size you choose. They’re made from canvas and will protect your child, while also providing them with relaxation. A rubber sole helps to absorb the impact, when they walk around. This also ensures more durability and extended longevity. These shoes are better suited for bigger children! Therefore, you should make sure to choose the right size! Otherwise, the shoes will definitely put a smile on your child’s face.


  • Very stylish and cool for all kids
  • Totally comfortable, but tying the laces is a much
  • Light weight and easy to wear for many hours


At the end of the day, any of these shoes could very well be the best baby shoes for your toddler! Make sure that you look at all of the sizing options and features, before making your purchase! This will ensure better durability, more comfortable and a better bang for your buck!