Best Toddler Booster Seat Reviews

If you plan on taking your child out and about, it is imperative to provide them with safe transportation! In order to do this, you will go give your toddler the best toddler booster seat possible! So, what exactly is the best car booster seat? It is impossible to say, without knowing a little more about your child! With this in mind, you’ll need to go through a list of characteristics, in order to match your child to the right chair. Below you will find assistance for doing just that.


Booster Seat Laws

Although many people do not know it, there are actually some booster seat requirements, which vary from state to state in America. In order to learn about your state’s booster seat requirements, you’ll need to do a little research. However, all 50 states have a specific set of laws that require safety seats for infants and children. In 48 states, booster seats are required! Only Florida and South Dakota have no booster seat laws.

Booster Seat Age Guidelines

In order to ensure that your baby or toddler is provided with the best booster seat, it is absolutely imperative to take their age into account! Each specific seat is different and designed for a specific age range. Below, you will find out exactly which seat is best for which age groups.

  • Rear-Face Car Seat – Newborn to 3 years old
  • Forward Facing Car Seat – 1 to 7 years old
  • Booster Seats – 4 to 12 years old
  • Seat Belts – 8 to 13+ years old

Be sure to use the information above to choose the right seat for your specific child! The basic booster seat age recommendation is from 4 to 12, but each specific seat may vary, so be sure to read the manufacturer’s recommendations.



Toddler Booster Seat Reviews


Recaro Performance Sport Booster Seat Review

If you’re looking for the best booster seats, you’ll definitely want to take a look at the Recaro Performance. The seat is extremely comfortable and has been created with memory foam, which will mold to your toddler’s shape. Of course, the seat is entirely safe too! It has been inspired by race car seats and is capable of offering protection for 5 individual areas, including the head, face, neck, torso and booster seat

This seat is specifically design for children under 65 pounds. It is capable of accommodating children around 9.5 years old. Overall, this is undeniably one of the safety seats on the market. Take note that this is a front-face booster seat only, but it performs that task awesomely! More pros can be found below.


  • Can accommodate from 20 to 65 pounds
  • In booster mode, it accommodates 37 to 59 inches tall, others 27 to 49 inches is the specification
  • Fitted with tons of padding for adding safety
  • Memory foam is entirely comfortable and will mold to your child’s body
  • 5-point harness system to ensure your child remain safe and in place



Best Toddler Booster Seat – Graco Backless TurboBooster Review

It is important your child, while he is riding in the backseat of your car and that is why you need to purchase a Graco Backless TurboBooster. This booster seat has been rigorously tested and passed all the safety standards with flying booster seat

This seat is suitable for children between the ages of 4-10, 40-100 pounds, and 40-57” in height, which will offer a long service life, because it will grow with your child. The Graco is equipped with 2 cup holders, so your child will have easy access to their sippy cup.

The padded seat cushion is removable and machine washable, which is important, when it comes to toddler accessories. The armrests are also adjustable, so you can easily customize your child’s arm positions.

The TurboBooster weighs 5.1 pounds, so you can transfer it from one vehicle to another, with great ease.


  • Grows with child
  • Equipped with 2 sippy cup holders
  • Lightweight
  • Meets all safety standards
  • Removable and machine washable pads



Graco Highback TurboBooster Car Seat Review

The TurboBooster offers some diversity, since you can break it down into a backless booster seat. It is suitable for toddlers and children between 30-100 pounds and 38-57” in height. It also meets all the American safety standards and has been rigorously tested for safety ratings.graco booster seat

If you convert the Graco into a backless booster seat, your child will be able to use it for longer use and up to 4-10 years of age. The TurboBooster Highback booster seat is multi-layered and thick EPS foam padded for comfort.

The Graco is equipped with open-loop holes, so the vehicle’s seatbelt will fit through it and secure the booster seat into the seat. This will also make installation very easily and quick. The Highback TurboBooster weighs in at 8.4 pounds, which makes it very portable, so you can transfer it from one vehicle to another.

The head pillow is removable and the arm rests are adjustable, so you can easily adjust accordingly.


  • Very affordable
  • Lightweight construction
  • Double padded for comfort
  • Grows with child
  • Meets all American safety standards



Britax Frontier G1.1 Booster Car Seat Review

If you’re looking for a big booster seat with plenty of cushion, you’ll want to check out the Britax Fontier. The click tight installation system allows anyone to install their seat in their car, without a lot of trouble. This can be very reassuring, since many of these seats are so difficult to install. The seat offers protection to your child from SafeCell impact booster seat

The minimum weight of your child is 25 pounds. It is capable of accommodating a child up to 90 pounds. For the high back booster seat mode, the seat works for children from 40 to 120 pounds. When it comes to the height, the seat works for 30-58 inches, when used in harness mode. When used as booster seat, this one will work for children between 45 to 62 inches. Although the Recaro might offer more harness, the Britax is just as safe. Take note that this seat is a little heavy!


  • 9 Year expiration
  • No re-thread harness
  • Booster seat works for 45-62 inches and 40-120 pounds
  • Much easier to install



Evenflo Rightfit Booster Car Seat Review

The Rightfit offers some diversity, because it can be broken down into a backless booster seat, so the child can get a longer service life out of it. It is equipped with innovative activity lights. Your child will be able to read his book for play games with this high tech feature.evenflo baby booster seat

The best benefit that you will receive, when you purchase the Evenflo is the height adjustment features. You have 12 different adjustment options including 4 backrest, 3 headrest, seat, and armrest.

The cup holders are designed into the armrests, so your child will have super easy access to their drinking cup. The pads are removable and machine washable, which is very convenient for any parent.

The e3 foam will reduce the amount of excessive force that your child’s would normally take, if involved in a MVA.


  • Can be easily broken down into a backless booster seat
  • 12 adjustment options
  • Unique drinking cup holder design
  • Pads are removable and machine washable
  • Headrest constructed out of e3 foam to reduce impact




At the end of the day, there are many different things to take into consideration, when attempting to choose the right booster seat for your child. Make sure that you take all of the age requirements into consideration, when attempting to make your decision! Be sure that the seat matches your child perfectly and you will be able to provide them with total comfort and safety!