Nursery Buying Guide – Best Vacuum Cleaners Under 100

As a parent, there are various circumstances that you will face. Some of them are unwanted. For instance, your child will cause you a lot of trouble. This is undeniably, regardless of how much you love them! When they make messes, it is your responsibility to clean them up and this will happen quite often. Also, the majority of parents don’t have a lot of money to waste. This is why we’ve put together a guide regarding the best vacuum under 100. This information will be presented to you below.


Types of Vacuums

Whether you’re spending $100 or more, you will have a variety of different vacuum cleaner types available to you. Some are more effective for specific purposes than others. For instance, you will have uprights, canister and even handheld vacuums. Below, you will be able to find the pros and cons of these.

  • Uprights – These are the standard and stand upright. They can be purchased around the carpet and are usually very easy to use. Unless they’re equipped with a reliable hose, the vacuum will be ineffective for cleaning hard to reach spots, cracks and crevices.
  • Canister Vacuums – These are somewhat similar to those above and may also be equipped with wheels. However, you will need to sit the canister down in one location and vacuum the rest with the brush. These are great for cleaning upholstery, curtains and other items that you might not be able to reach with upright vacuums.
  • Handheld Vacuums – As the name suggests, you can carry a handheld vacuum in your hand! These are perfect for small tasks, but not acceptable for cleaning big rooms, as it would be too time consuming. Some of these might be battery operated, which is another option you have available to you.

Each of these can be extremely helpful, but you’ll need to know your specific needs, before making your choice. As a nursery vacuum, each can be very effective.

best handheld vacuum 2015

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Best Handheld Vacuum 2015 – Black and Decker CHV1410L Review

Over the years, Black and Decker has done a pretty good job establishing itself as a reputable company, which is responsible for vacuums and various power tools. If you’re looking for one of the best vacuum cleaners under 100, you’ve found it! This vacuum is well under that mark and offers plenty of excellent features for your convenience and reassurance.

First and foremost, this is a cordless hand vac, which utilized a rechargeable 16 volt lithium ion battery. When the battery begins to fade, the vacuum’s power will not! The vacuum is equipped with handy brush and crevice tools to help you complete more difficult tasks. This vacuum is equipped with a bagless dirt bowl. This helps you save money, since you won’t have to worry about purchasing additional bags in the future. Cleaning out this bowl is very easy and even easier to replace.

  • Only weighs 4 pounds! So you can use it with a single hand
  • Comes with a 2-year limited warranty for added peace of mind
  • Despite its other features and size, this vacuum is very powerful
  • Cleaning is exceptionally easy
  • Battery lasts for a longer period of time and charges easily
  • Very affordable and cost effective over time

The only real negative I found with this specific vacuum is its volume. It is a little bit loud, so you might not want to use it, when your child sleeps! Otherwise, this is a great vacuum for your baby’s nursery!

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best upright vacuum 2015

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Best Upright Vacuum 2015 – BISSELL CleanView Vacuum Review

If you’re looking for an upright vacuum, you’ll want to look at this one. It is slightly under $100 and delivers an excellent performance for an upright. Despite being an upright, this vacuum only weighs 15 pounds. I haven’t had any difficulty carrying it around, despite being a woman of small stature. The vacuum is equipped with a cyclonic system, which provides you with longevity and very powerful suctioning!

A variety of tools are provided with this items, including the Turbo Brush tool. This item is great for stairs, upholstery and furniture. This helps to ensure that you’ll be able to use this item to completely clean your baby’s nursery and all of the items found inside! The dirt tank can easily be cleaned. A washable foam tank filter is also provided. The dirt cup can hold 2.27L. For more convenience, the power cord is 25 foot long!

  • Very affordable and well worth the prices
  • Only weighs 15.1 pounds
  • Offers 5 height adjustments
  • 25 foot of power cord length
  • Comes with a limited 2-year warranty!
  • Works extensively and doesn’t wear out quickly
  • Performance comparable to much more expensive models

Overall, there is tons of great things to say about the BISSELL CleanView Upright Vacuum! It is very powerful, works great and easy to use. It offers a very good operating radius to ensure that you won’t have to unplug and plug up elsewhere too often! For the price, this is a great product, which is well worth it!

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Cheapest Vacuum Cleaner 2015 – Dirt Devil SD20000RED Simpli-Stik Lightweight Vacuum Review

Finally, if you’re looking for the cheapest vacuum possible, you’ll want to check out the Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik! Despite the significantly low cost, this vacuum performs excellently and offers tons of convenience to the consumer! It is tremendously light weight! Heck, I can even carry my toddler in one hand and this vacuum in the other! Just be extremely careful, when attempting this!

The vacuum actually works in these individual manners. It can be used as a stick vacuum, handheld vacuum and a utility vacuum. The smooth rolling wheels at the bottom allow the machine to coast around on all floor types easily. The product is covered by a 1-year limited warranty, which helps to enhances its overall value incredibly. It is corded, but the cord is fairly long and offers a little convenience.

  • Only weighs 4 pounds!
  • Incredibly affordable
  • Works 3 different ways
  • Delivers a great performance
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • 16 ft of cord
  • Bagless and cost effective operation

Overall, the Dirt Devil is a surprisingly great vacuum for the price! In fact, I have been pleasantly surprised, by the vacuum’s power and performance! You will be too, when you take this baby for a spin! Whether you’re looking for a handheld or upright, this one is well worth exploring and can be used as both!

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