Chicco Stack 3-In-1 Highchair Review

Are you currently looking for a highchair for your precious toddler? If this is the case, you’ll want to check out Chicco high chairs. Of course, there is a brand new Chicco chair that you’ll want to check out. The Chicco Stack 3-in-1 Highchair is an entirely unique chair that can be used in three different manners. Below, you’ll be able to find the awesome features of this Chicco highchair.

chicco stack highchair

An Overview

The Chicco Stack 3-in-1 is an entirely durable, stylish and versatile. The 3-in-1 system ensures that the chair changes to suit your baby, as they grow older. The chair works in three different ways and serves as a highchair, booster seat and as a a stool. In this sense, the chair works for children from under 1 year old to 3 and older. More details will be provided below for your convenience.


Infant Seat

This is where this chair differs so significantly from those other Chicco highchairs. First, it works as an infant’s seat and is suitable for 40 pounds. The overall design is stylish and very sturdy. It is also equipped with a removable tray liner, which offers easy clean up. The tray easily snaps on. The seat also offers 3 reclining positions to ensure that your infant remains comfortable, at all times.

Booster Seat

At 2 years old, you’ll want to transform the seat into a booster seat! Make the transition is quick and effortless. The booster seat offers a low or high back, which makes it suitable for younger and older children. When used in this particular manner, the seat can be used for 50 pounds and more. Straps have been included to help strap the seat to the chair!

Child Stool

Once your child reaches over the age of 3, you will be able to use the seat, as a stool. The surface is contoured and perfectly comfortable. The backrest pops up to add more support. The legs are equipped with two rungs to ensure that your child can get into the seat easily! The seat is entirely easy to clean and can be wiped clear. When used in this manner, the seat can be used for kids up to 60 pounds!



With the information above, you should also see how beneficial this chair truly is. However, the pros of this Chicco highchair will be listed below for your convenience.

  • Comfortable, durable and sturdy no matter the use
  • Capable of working from 40 to 60 pounds
  • Adorable designs
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Entirely easy to adjust from one position to the next


Overall Assessment

Overall, the Chicco Stack 3-in-1 Highchair is highly impressive and decently priced. In fact, the price is awesome, when you take the versatility of the chair into account. Unfortunately, this Chico high chair is currently only available at ToysRUs. Therefore, you’ll need to order online or visit one of their stores in person. Otherwise, the chair is awesome and well worth the price!