Child Reins and Toddler Leash – All You Should Know

Have you ever been out at the grocery store and have found your child running off all by him or herself? There is honestly nothing more embarrassing! This can be tremendously annoying and you will likely find yourself blushing and angry. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to put a halt to this and prevent it from happening ever again? If this sparks your interest, you’ll definitely want to consider purchasing one of the child reins. Below, you will get a better understanding of the toddler leash and will find information, which can help you make up your own mind, as to whether or not you should use one.


It Is A Personal Opinion

When it comes down to it, the toddler walking harness has received quite a bit of criticism in the past few years. Are they helpful or only humiliating? The truth of the matter is that some parents love them, while others would never be caught dead using a toddler leash! Do they look a little awkward? Yep, but they also work exceptionally well! In a poll released by Today in March of 2014, 73% of parents agreed that child reins were useful and they would be willing to use one for their child!

Therefore, if you feel the need to use one of these items, in order to keep your child safe, you should!

walking reins for toddlers

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Skip Hop Zoo Safety Harness  For Toddlers Review

If you’re looking for an adorable safety hardness for your child, you’ll definitely want to check out the one from Skip Hop Zoo! This is a backpack leash, which will serve two purposes! You’ll be able to prevent your child from running away, while allowing them the ability to carry around their favorite toys and even supplies! This item is available in six unique styles, including monkey, owl, yellow bee, giraffe, pink ladybug, blue dog! Each is very cute! I personally have the monkey design and it always brings a smile to my daughter’s face!

Of course, this item is very versatile. When you wish to allow your daughter or son to run friend, you can remove the tether and transform the item into a tiny backpack! When you’re ready to go out into public again, you can return the harness easily. Below, you will find the features that I like best with this specific child reins.

  • Very adorable styles
  • Long tether or leash at 27.5 inches
  • Can also be used as a mini-backpack
  • Definitely serves its purpose perfectly!
  • Tether attaches to the edge and is made from metal, so it won’t break easily
  • The backpack’s shoulder straps are padded for more comfort
  • Very affordable

Overall, the Skip Hop Zoo is a brilliant product for parents and toddlers! It is one of the best toddler reins available and will work for you, as it did for me! Be sure to check out more details today!

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safety harness for toddlers

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Mommy’s Helper Kid Keeper Review

If you’re looking for a basic toddler leash, you’ll want to check out the one from Mommy’s Helper. Despite the overall simplicity of the product, it works great and will serve its purpose to no end. The shoulder straps are padded for added comfort. The item wraps around your child’s torso, which helps to protect their stomach, which is a little more sensitive. Overall, there is no doubt that this item will curb your fears and prevent your child from running off.

This walking reins for toddlers is 37 inches. The velcro straps onto the front of the child’s body, which prevents it from being removed easily. This leash is sufficient and will even prevent active children from running away! Take note that you’ll need to give your child time to adapt to the harness! This should be done, before you take your son or daughter out in public! More pros of this product can be found below.

  • More affordable
  • Serves its purpose
  • Very comfortable for your toddler
  • Maximum length of 37 inches
  • Straps on securely
  • Works as described

Overall, this is a basic leash, but it’ll work, as it is supposed to! Give your toddler a little time to get used to it and it’ll save you a lot of stress and anxiety.

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yochi yochi harness

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Lucky Baby Safety Harness Review

If you’re looking for a safety harness, which is a little more versatile, and don’t mind paying a little more, the Lucky Baby is definitely worth checking out! This item can be used in three individual ways.

  • As a walking rein
  • Shopping cart safety strap
  • Portable high chair strap

Whether you’re taking your child out to the store or are placing them in a chair, this strap will prevent them from getting away and getting hurt! The item is available in two colors, red rocket and swift black. Both are very stylish and the item works great regardless of your choice! The benefits of this product can be found below!

  • Fits the majority of chairs
  • Very easy to use and even easier to clean up
  • Great traveling harness
  • One of the best walking reins for toddlers
  • Small enough to fit in your purse or pocket
  • 2014 Mom’s Choice Award Winner!
  • Grows with your child from 6 months to 5 years!
  • Completely supports the baby’s torso and is comfortable
  • 3 in 1 and comes with a money back guarantee

Overall, the Lucky Baby might be a little more expensive, but the price is undoubtedly justifiable! If you want the very best toddler leash and don’t mind paying extra, this is definitely the one to get! It can be used in 3 ways and it works great in each!

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Best Toddler Reins – Types

When you begin looking around for these items, you will find that there are several different types. They work very similar to dog leashes. Some can wrap around your child’s body, while others come in the form of a backpack, which your child wears around their back. At the same time, there are also kids reins, which attach to the toddler’s wrist. Below, you will find the pros and cons of the different types of reins for toddlers!

  • Body Reins – These attach around your child’s body. They’re great, because they can be entirely comfortable and will prevent your child from escape!
  • Wrist Reins – Wrist reins are good, but this one can be removed a little easier than the one above. If your child is clever, they’ll figure out how to escape from their handcuff!
  • Backpack Reins – A backpack leash is an awesome choice and is somewhat difficult for your child to remove! At the same time, you will be able to carry your child’s items in the backpack, which allows the item to serve two purposes!

Regardless of your choice, walking reins for toddlers can be tremendously beneficial and you shouldn’t be afraid to use one with your son or daughter!


Reasons To Use Walking Reins For Toddlers

So, why would a mother or father want to utilize one of these items? Truthfully, it all comes down to peace of mind and safety! If you want to keep your toddler safe, you will most certainly want to equip him or her with a safety harness for toddlers. Below, you will find a list of reasons to use one of these items!

  • They can stop your child from wandering into traffic
  • They keep your child out of the arms of predators
  • A Leash will ensure your child leaves your line of sight
  • They can teach your child to follow orders and obey you

Overall, these items are definitely worth using! Although it’ll take a little time to get used to, once you get over the initial embarrassment, you’ll learn to love your toddler leash and will likely never leave home without it!


At the end of the day, some parents will want to use these items, while others will not! Are they might be a little unsightly, they can save your child’s life and keep them out of harms way! You should definitely consider using one of these items for your toddler, if he or she likes to run and wander too far, when you’re out in public!