Child Sex Sting Disney World – What You Should Know

Are you currently planning a trip to Disney World in Florida? If this is the case, you should probably think again! Take the time to read about all of the pedophiles and sexual predators that work at these establishments. Although this shouldn’t completely turn you off of going, it should open your eyes and help to make your decision a much more educated one.

Disney World is supposed to be a place of magic and a true wonderland for children. Although it can still hold that mystic, it is vital to know about the people that work at these locations. In the past several years, a large number of Disney workers have been busted in child sex stings! Unfortunately, some of these individuals are worse than the most egregious scumbags. Take Cedric Eugene Cuthbert for instance. This former Disney employee was arrested, after he was accused of watching child porn at work and writing his church’s Easter sermon, at the same time! The 50 year old was sentenced to 6 years in jail!

Cedric Eugene Cuthbert


Although Mr Cuthbert might be one of the strangest cases, there were many more. Patrick Holgerson, a 32 year old, was busted for spending naughty pictures to a 13 year old boy! And, how about Matthew Cody Myers, who worked at Disney and Sea World? Well, he was attempting to have sexual relationships with a 14 year old girl. Finally, you have Zachary Spencer, who supervisors the tickets at Magic Kingdom. Spencer made contact with a detective, who was posing as a 13 year old boy, and attempted to offer him mutual oral sex.


The Sheriff of Florida’s Polk County, Grady Judd, wants the company to require polygraph tests for the staff. The company’s spokesman suggests only a one-hundreth of one percent of the company’s 300,000 employee base was brought down for such crimes. Still, it leaves one to wonder how many weren’t actually busted, but followed the same path. This is definitely very scary information and makes me want to think long and hard, before I allow my daughter to visit Disney World.

Who knows exactly who is peeking around the corner, when the children enjoy themselves at the Blizzard Beach Water Park? It is definitely something to ponder. Will you still allow your children to partake in the events at Disney World? Or, will you keep your child a little closer to home?


As an update, Robert Kingsolver is still in jail for traveling to meet a minor and commit unlawful sexual offenses. Matthew Myers has been released, but is being “monitored”. Patrick Holgerson seems to have gone free. Oh, and all of the workers were placed on unpaid leave. How does this make you feel about Disney World?