Coco Austin Is Happy To Show Off Baby Chanel

At first American was surprised to see Coco Austin showing off her gorgeous baby bump. Now she is going all out with her recent 3D ultrasound images and a special video of Baby Chanel sucking her arm. This cute little bundle of joy is due at the end of this year.

It appears that Coco has forgotten her “tiny vagina” and is more focused on the upcoming birth of Baby Chanel.

Baby Chanel

Coco is determined to be a wonderful mother to Baby Chanel, but everyone will need to wait see how this 36 year old mother-to-be will handle the birth. Be sure to tune in to Ice & Coco entertainment talk show for updates, because she is definitely more than willing to share her experience with her fans.

Coco is very happy with the baby’s sex, since she has admitted in the past that she always wanted a baby girl. This beautiful actress is yet to complain or whine about being pregnant, which is entirely different than the response from other female actresses.


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