Colgate Classica III Foam Crib Mattress Review

Are you currently looking for a nice organic baby mattress? For your baby, you want to ensure that you provide them with the best organic baby mattress on the market! There is definitely an assortment of different mattresses to choose from and you’ll want to make sure to read a handful of organic baby mattress reviews to help you make your overall decision. If you like Colgate, you’ll want to check out our previous Colgate Baby Mattress Review, before reading about the Colgate Classica III Foam Mattress below.

colgate crib mattress

An Overview

When it comes to this specific Colgate baby mattress, the exterior is white, which might give you a little concern. However, it shouldn’t! With this Colgate crib mattress, you can maintain your peace of mind, thank to the wet proof triple layered vinyl cover. For even more peace of mind, the mattress is capable of resisting tears! With this in mind, it will definitely serve your toddler, until they outgrow it.

This is an orthopedic mattress, which is 5 inches this and only weighs 8.5 pounds. The approximate dimensions of the item are 51.6×27.2×5 inches! This will ensure that you’ll be able to transport it inside fairly easily, once it arrives at home. Although this isn’t a memory foam mattress, it is equipped with dual firmness to keep your baby relaxed and safe.

Crib Specifications

If you’re worried that this affordable organic mattress won’t fit your crib, you shouldn’t be! It is very versatile and capable of fitting the majority of cribs out there. The majority of crib mattress sizes are right around 28×52 inches and this one is no different. Therefore, you can guarantee that it’ll fit your baby’s crib perfectly.


Whether you’re looking for a toddler mattress or an infant mattress, you’ve found it, with the Colgate Classica III Foam Crib Mattress. This one is completely reversible. One side is perfect for infants, while the other one has been engineered for toddlers. Be sure to flip the mattress accordingly.


Overall, the product is very advantageous and will serve your baby extremely well. The benefits of the mattress can be found below.

  • Organic and entirely safe
  • Dual Firmness
  • Reversible and perfect for toddlers and infants
  • Tear resistant and wet proof
  • Lightweight and easy to move about
  • Vent holes give the mattress the ability to breath
  • A very affordable organic mattress, when compared to others


Overall Assessment

Overall, the Colgate crib mattress is definitely worth a glance. It is readily affordable, organic and flexible. It’ll work for most cribs and infants, as well as toddlers. For that, this might very well be the best organic baby mattress for you!

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