Cradle Cap Treatment For Babies With Hair

What is cradle cap? Cradle cap or seborrheic dermatitis will have the same appearance, as dandruff. It will appear within the first few months of life and normally disappear after 6-12 months of life, but in some rare cases some infants will continue to suffer from cradle cap. Not only does this skin condition affect the scalp, but can also be found on the baby’s eyebrows, eyelids, armpit creases, and ears.

Causes of Baby Cradle Cap

Cradle cap will appear out of the blue and the genuine cause is unknown. It has been stated, by some medical experts that the mother’s hormones may play a significant role in seborrheic dermatitis. These hormones may potentially boost the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum (waxy, oily lubricant), which is responsible for lubricating the baby’s skin.

Cradle Cap Treatment in Toddler

  • Step 1 is to use a soft baby hairbrush to loosen the dry scales
  • Step 2 is to gently wash the baby’s hair, while massaging the scalp
  • Step 3 is to rinse with warm water
  • Step 4 is to pat dry the scalp and hair

You can use this same treatment with kids that have a head full of hair, as well. If you use coconut, almond, or olive oil to soften the scales, be sure that you rinse the it out very well. Oil can potentially clog the skin pores and make the symptoms worsen.

Mustela Foam Cradle Cap Shampoo For Newborns Review

If you are looking for a cure for your newborn’s cradle cap, you should definitely consider Mustela. This foam shampoo is free of parabens and is very safe to use on newborns and young infants.

mustela foam shampooMustela contains coconut extracts, which is very gentle and nourishing. It nourishes the baby’s scalp, while combating dryness, without an oily buildup. It is also hypoallergenic and will decrease the risk of skin allergies. It is so safe to you that you can use it with every shampoo.

The parfum fragrance is very desirable and will make your baby smell delicious.


If you notice that the condition spreads or worsens, you can take your child to a pediatric dermatologist. A prescription dandruff shampoo may be just what you are looking for.