Donald Trump And Other Presidential Hopefuls Debate Autism

While many parents have already taken a stand against childhood vaccinations, our presidential hopefuls are beginning to make this a political topic that may be used for their gain. Donald Trump recently came out to say that he was totally against childhood vaccines, because he had a friend with a child that underwent vaccination therapy only to get a high fever, which lead to autism later on in life. He apparently was uneducated on childhood vaccines and their potential side affects, risks, and adverse reactions.

Donald Trump Anti Vaccine Debunked

Donald Trump vaccines comment was later debunked by renowned surgeon, Ben Carson, who stated that there was no link tying autism and vaccines. Of course, everyone continues to debate the issue of whether or not to make vaccinations a school enrollment requirement.

North Carolina Takes A Stand

North Carolina school board has taken a stand by making childhood vaccinations a requirement. If your child is not vaccinated according to the new law, he or she may be refused enrollment. Are you willing to stand by and allow our government to make important choices about our child’s health? Of course not, which is why we should all stand firm and stand up for our rights as an American citizen. This mandate may effect you, if you reside in North Carolina and your child is enrolled in the school system.

No Genuine Diagnostic Testing For Autism

The reported autism cases are continuously increasing and now 1 in every 68 children are suffering from autism spectrum disorder (CDC). While many of these cases may be genuine, many of them may not be so much.

There is currently no diagnostic tool that is utilized to diagnose autism, although pediatricians are utilizing the development screening test to make their final determinations. This test is often utilized with children between the ages of 18-24 months and with the help of the parent, the pediatrician will make their decision of whether or not the child is autistic.

The Autism Spectrum Screening Questionnaire (ASSQ) is an instrument utilized to diagnose autism. The pediatrician will observe the child and combine their results with the parent’s answers on the questionnaire. Is this a genuine and safe way to diagnose this developmental disorder.

Fraud And Abuse

As sad as it sounds, many parents are abusing the autism diagnosis. Autistic children will be awarded a supplemental security income (SSI), which lasts a lifetime, so parents will work diligently to make sure that their child receives these benefits.

As hard as it for most of us, as parents to believe, autism diagnosis is over used and abused by many individuals. Should parents subject their child to this type of extortion, since it will determine the child’s future without the victim being able to interject.

America now has an autism epidemic on their hands, so the government will have to determine what steps to take to correct this problem. As a parent, it is our responsibility to do thorough research on this disorder, before allowing the pediatrician to stamp our children “autistic”.


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