ERGObaby Carrier Bundle of Joy Review

Are you an on-to-go parent that does not want to be forced to leave their baby behind? If so, you should the ERGO organic baby carrier, because it is ergonomically designed to fit the infant’s body. Not only will this offer your baby comfort, but it will also offer you comfort, since the cradle is designed in a natural-sitting position.

The straps are constructed of thick padded canvas, which will fit nicely over the parent’s shoulders. You can easily adjust the straps, as they are equipped with buckles.

Versatile Positions

You will have several options on how to tote the carrier including front, back, and hip. It is available innumerable colors including black camel, galaxy gray, and navy with an option of a natural or navy colored insert.

ergo baby carrier reviews

ERGO Baby Carrier Reviews

The popular newborn insert is suitable for children that weigh between 7-12 pounds, but younger than 4 months, while the carrier is suitable for children up to 45 pounds. The canvas is very soft material, which will feel excellent on your baby’s skin.

The ERGO baby carrier is much more suitable for infants that are over 2 months, since it will not pull on the parent’s shoulder, unlike the baby sling. The ERGO has a very high Amazon rating with 4.6 out of 5.

Ergo Baby Carrier Infant Insert

It is crucial that you not place the baby inside the carrier facing frontwards, because it is not designed for this type of position. The infant insert is machine washable, so you can throw it into the washer and dryer for easy cleaning.

The ergonomic design also offers even weight distribution between the parent’s hips and shoulders, so less stress is placed on the back.


  • Lightweight
  • Grows with newborn
  • Versatile positions
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Baby’s weight is evenly distributed

Be sure to check out the ERGObaby carrier and infant insert, today.

If this product doesn’t meet your needs, you should be sure to check out our other baby carriers.