Taking A Look At The Fisher Price Step And Play Piano

Over the years, Fisher Price has released a large assortment of excellent baby products. These products tend to be reliable, safe and extremely durable! When Fisher-Price releases a new product, I tend to keep my eyes open and take note. The Fisher-Price Little Superstar Step N’ Play Piano is one of the newest additions to my collection. Below, I will walk you through this item’s features and specifications.

fisher price superstar step and play piano

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Dimensions and Weight

Before getting into all of the cool aspects of the Fisher Price Superstar Step And Play Piano, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the item’s weight and dimensions. You’ve got to make sure it’ll fit your home, after all. The good news is that this item is incredibly lightweight, at only 12 pounds. The product dimensions are 30 by 26 by 25 inches. This isn’t too big and ensures that your toddler has plenty of time to play about! As a woman of small stature, I had no difficulty hauling the item around.


Flexible Seat

So, lets get into the fun aspects of this toy! It is equipped with a very flexible seat. It allows your toddler to spin around in 360 degrees and even slides back and forth, so your toddler can walk about. With each step that your toddler makes, a new sound and light will be played and shown. As you can see from the picture above, the walkway is actually the piano and encourages your child to learn how to walk!

With of a combination of exciting songs, lights and sound effects, your child will never grow bored of this item’s instruments and toys! Also, the seat can be removed, if you wish to give an older toddler full reign over the play center’s toys.


Weight and Height Specification

Take note that this specific toddler toy is designed to accommodate children up to 25 pounds. Also, you should know that the height of this item does adjust. It takes very little time to make the appropriate adjusts to match your toddler’s height perfectly. This makes the Fisher Price Step And Play Piano completely versatile and great for toddlers of various ages.


Tons of Gadgets

The Fisher-Price Step And Play Piano is packed full of fun toys and gadgets. There is also a volume adjust for the safety of your eardrums. The sound can be turned off, switch to quit or to a little louder setting. As your toddler grows, this particular entertainment center will also grow and adapt. You can remove the set and allow your toddler to continue utilizing the toy for many years to come. Take note that 3C batteries are required. The approximately battery life is around 60 hours.


Fisher Price Superstar Step And Play Piano Pros

Overall, there is a lot to like about this entertainment center. Some of the best aspects of all will be listed below for your convenience.

  • Fairly affordable overall
  • Seat can be removed
  • Seat spins in 360 degrees and sides back and forth
  • Tons of fun songs and sound effects, as well as flashy lights
  • Very safe product overall
  • Child will enjoy it tremendously



Overall, the Fisher Price Step And Play Piano is an excellent activity center for many parents! It is affordable, very sturdy and incredibly durable! It is also very safe and fun for your toddler. If you’re looking for an item that can entertain your child, while improving their development, you’ll definitely want to check out this item!

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