Fisher Price Ultra Lite Play Yard Review

Are you looking for a sufficient play yard for your child, but don’t want to spend lavishly? All parents understand that Fisher-Price is one of the leading manufacturers of baby products and their Fisher-Price Ultra-Lite Day And Night Play Yard is definitely one of the best! It is a great alternative to more expensive play yards, but meets or exceeds its more experience competitors in some areas. Below, you will learn more about the Fisher Price Ultra Lite Play Yard!

fisher price ultra lite play yard reviews

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First and foremost, you should know that Fisher Price has put their playard together in a way that makes it convenient for parents. It only weighs 15 pounds, which is significantly lighter than many of the others. The overall dimensions of the playard are 27 by 24 by 7 inches. With these dimensions, parents of all strengths and sizes should be able to move the item around, without difficultly. I can and I am a woman of small stature!



Despite being significantly cheaper than many others, the Fisher Price Ultra Light Play Yard is actually equipped with similar features. For starters, the removable included sleeper is great and can be washed in your washing machine. It also includes a head supporter, which keeps your child comfortable, at all times.

The play yard also includes a portable changing clutch, which contains a built-in wipes container. This makes changing your baby’s diaper tremendously easier! I love this setup. Also, this playard includes its very own carry bag. This definitely makes carrying the items from one place to another much easier.


Pros Of The Fisher-Price Ultra-Lite Day and Night Play Yard

Overall, there is a lot to like about this specific item. First, the brand, Fisher-Price, definitely elevates this product significantly. You really cannot go wrong with this particular company. Other benefits will be provided below for your consideration.

  • Significantly less expensive than the alternatives
  • Tremendously convenient, easy to carry and lighter than its competitors
  • Includes a very comfortable padded mat
  • Changing clutch, with built-in wipes container, is awesome and makes everything quicker and easier!
  • Reclining positions to ensure your toddler remains comfortable. This can also help babies, with reflux
  • Included bassinet is great and offers more versatility
  • Affordable for all


Fisher Price Ultra Lite Play Yard Reviews

At the end of the day, I have experimented with a number of different play yards. Although the Fisher Price might not be the best overall, it is still one of the best. The excellent features, sturdiness and inexpensive price help to elevate this playard heads and shoulders above some of its competitors. I definitely enjoyed my time with this item and most parents will be able to say the same! Be sure to check it out for your toddler today!

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