Floaties, Swimmies and All You Need to Take a Baby to the Beach

Are you currently planning a day at the beach with your precious little baby? If this is the case, you’re likely extremely excited. If it is your baby’s first venture to the shore, you will want to make sure that you bring everything that they’re going to need! Although the beach can be very calm and relaxing, it can also be hot and humid. The environment and atmosphere requires some specific precautions, if you want to keep your baby safe, while he or she enjoys the sun. Below, I will provide you with a list of items that you should bring with your baby and you.



There is no denying that the sun can be extremely bright! With this in mind, you will want to protect your bay’s eye! Purchase a pair of glasses, which offer UVA and UVB protection. Not only will your child look stylish and cool, but he or she will also be protected to the fullest.


Outdoor Blanket

You don’t want your child laying on the sand! Although they should be allowed to play with it and make sand castles, you will want to give them something nice and comfortable to lay on. A comfortable outdoor blanket should suffice!


Baby Swim Diapers

If you’re going to be taking your child out into the water, you will want to make sure to give him or her some nice baby swim diapers! These particular diapers are much more reliable and better for the water! Once the day is finished, you can simply toss the diapers into the dryer and allow them to be restored to pristine condition. After that, you’ll be able to use them again the next day!



You will want to make sure to protect your kid’s head and face! Make sure to get him or her a nice little hat! With this item, you will be able to ensure that their face is protected from sunburn.



As covered in an earlier post, it is vital to make sure that your child wears sunscreen anytime they’re out in the sun! Be sure to choose a product that is safe for your child and will actually protect him or her.


Floaties and Swimmies

Are you going to be taking your toddler into the water? If this is the case, you will want to look into swimmies for toddlers! These can be worn, by your child. This will help to ensure that your child is able to float in the water. Of course, it is still vital to make sure that you keep an eye on them at all times! This will ensure that your child will be able to remain safe, while they also enjoy the water.

If you’re looking for floaties for kids, you’ll want to consider checking out the one listed below. Just click on the picture for more information.
floaties for kids

Juices and Water

Remember that the sun at the beach can be extremely hot. Therefore, you will want to prevent your child from becoming dehydrated. In order to do this, you will want to bring along a lot of juices and water! Make sure that your child drinks plenty of fluids, while at the beach! This will keep them healthy, while they enjoy their first trip to the beach.



At the end of the day, there are numerous things that can be taken to the beach with you. For instance, you could also bring along toys, shovels and a bucket! Either way, it is vital to include the items above, in order to maintain peace of mind and keep your child safe!