Folk Heroes For Children

Children and parents love stories about mythological creatures, fairytale characters, and folk heroes. While many children are not familiar with the old folk tales, they may find them very amusing, if they had the opportunity to learn about them.

American folklore fables have been keeping children entertained for many years. While their popular has long since gone, many parents continue to make them part of their children’s lives.

An Arkansas Tall Tale

The “Arkansas Traveler” is a sweet little folktale that will leave one wandering about the traveler’s ability to complete the squatter’s tune. The squatter was not willing to let the traveler spend the night or give him food and water, until he was able to finish the fiddler’s tune.

Alicia The Ghost

Alicia is a ghost that resides in her family home, where she enjoys watching the strangers tour the house, because they declare it as haunted. One day she sees a little girl, also named Alicia, whom she decides to make her presence seen. The little girl is delighted to see her, but her little brother becomes frightened, when he runs straight though Alicia the ghost. The little girl and her family exit the home and Alicia the ghost patiently awaits for the next tour group.

A Baker’s Dozen

The baker is accustomed to giving his customers 12 cookies, when they request a dozen, but one day a mysterious old lady enters the shop and requests a dozen of cookies. He counts out 12 cookies and hands them to her, but she becomes upset, by this gesture. The baker refuses to relent to the customs of other bakers, whom give their customers 13 cookies, when they request a dozen.

The old lady exits the shop and everything goes haywire for the baker, because he cannot bake a decent batch of cookies or bread. The lady returns to the shop several times, but the baker forces her to leave, while his anger continues to escalate. His bakery is going to ruins and he has become the talk of the town, so he decides to go to church and ask St. Nickolas to bless his bakery.

The next day St. Nickolas appears to the baker and blesses his shop, so all’s well. The next second, the old lady returns and the baker gives her 13 cookies for free.

The Black Cat’s Message

An old woman and man resided in a small home and lived on a small income. One day the old many, Donald comes home to find that his wife, Ethel has a new cat. The can appeared to be very friendly, so they decided to make her a part of the family. Donald and Ethel grew very fond of the cat and the cat them.

Ethel tells Donald that the neighbors warned her to get rid of the cat, because it was a witch, but they both disagree and continue to pamper the cat. One night, Donald is forced to work late, because he could not complete his wood haul. One his way home, it because very dark, when he came upon a group of black cats that were carrying a stretcher. On the stretcher laid a dead cat, when they say Donald, they told him to, “Sir, please tell Aunt Kan that Polly Grundy is dead.”

Donald thought he was delirious, because he has worked a long day, but another cat repeated the same verbal request. Donald took off in a run and made it home safe, but decided to not tell Ethel about this weird experience. Ethel was very smart and could read Donald’s behavior and knew that he was upset, so she asks him about his day. He repeated the story to her and told her that the black cats had requested him to tell Aunt Kan that Polly Grundy was dead.

The yellow cat jumped up on the window sill and said, “Polly Grundy is dead, then I am the Queen of the Witches!” She leaps out the window and into the night. Ethel said, “We’ll have to get another cat” and Donald responded, “I’ve had enough of cats.” Instead they got a dog.

The Cock Crows in the Morning (Sir Anthony Fitzherbert 1470)

The cock crows in the morning

To tell us to rise,

And he that lies late

Will never be wise:

For early to bed,

And early to rise,

Is the way to be healthy

And wealthy and wise.

Other Folktales

Some other folktales that will keep your children entertained, until they retire for the night includes:

  • Golden One – A boy and his golden pony form a strong friendship
  • The Grocer – A poor woman finds a bag of groceries on her doorstep
  • Heartbeat – Polly’s heartbeat
  • How the Rainbow was Made – The rainbow is created by Nanbozho
  • Idaho Potatoes – The most delicious potatoes
  • John Henry: The Steel Driving Man
  • Johnny Appleseed – Johnny saves a town, during the 1812 War