Friendly Toys Little Playzone Review

Are you looking for a fun little play pen for your child? If this is the case, you’ll definitely want to check out the awesome Friendly Toys Little Playzone! This is one of the very best playpens for toddlers. So, what makes this little toy so awesome? Below, you will be able to discover everything you need to know about the Friendly Toys Little Playzone.

An Overview

This playpen is approximately 4x4x2, when assembled. Your child will be able to play inside of the pen comfortable. It is even possible to purchase additional pieces, if you wish to create a bigger and wide play area. This will ensure that the play zone will expand and widen, as your child grows! All of the pieces are very safe and there aren’t any parts that will pinch or scratchy your baby.

Specificationsbaby playpen

When it comes to the product’s specifications, the overall weight of the product is 20 pounds. Of course, the individual panels are much lighter, which makes the play pen easy to transport. The play pen is easily suitable for most children, but it is recommended for those from 16 ounces to 45 pounds. It is also equipped with an electronic lights and sound board to keep your child entertained. This little toy requires 2 AA batteries, which are included. It will provide your child with 2.25 hours of entertainment.


Overall, there are plenty of things to like about this playpen. First and foremost, the style is absolutely adorable and will suit your children perfectly. If you want to be able to use the playpen indoors, you will be able to do so, without a problem. Suction cups on the bottom will ensure that the playpen doesn’t move around. More pros can be found below for your convenience.

  • Each panel is lightweight and will make for easy assembly and transportation
  • Includes the necessary batteries
  • Very sturdy regardless of the surface
  • A nice locking gate to keep your child inside
  • Very adorable style and design
  • Extremely easy to clean


Overall Conclusion

Overall, this playpen or play zone is undoubtedly worth the price. It is convenient for the parent and incredibly fun for the child. With this pen, you will be able to maintain your peace of mind, while your child enjoys hours and hours of fun!

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