Is Having Sex During First Month of Pregnancy Safe?

Over the years, there has been a myth regarding having sex, while pregnant. Many avoid the activity, because they believe it could potentially hurt the baby. Obviously, you don’t want to do anything of the sort. With this in mind, it is imperative to determine, whether or not it is safe. Within this guide, you will learn everything you need to know to make a decision for your own circumstances.


Is it Safe to Have Sex During Pregnancy?

First and foremost, you should take note that it is entirely safe to have sex, while you’re pregnant. As long as you haven’t experienced any complications with your pregnancy, you should be able to have sex without a problem. Of course, you should take all of the traditional symptoms of pregnancy into account. They will make you tired and potentially sick to your stomach. Therefore, you might not want to engage in sexual activities. Also, you should know that being pregnant will lower your sex drive!

Although it can be potentially safe, you should make sure that you’re up for it, before you move forward. Take note that having sex during this period of time will not increase your chances of having a miscarriage and will not hurt the child! All forms of sex are entirely acceptable during pregnancy, but it is best to avoid anal sex for the time being.


Sex During Pregnancy Benefits

Although many soon to be parents do not know it, there are actually some benefits associated with having sex, during pregnancy. For your convenience, a list of these will be listed below.

  • During pregnancy, the female’s blood flow is increased dramatically. This can allow you to have an orgasm much easier! Who knows? You might not have to fake it for once!
  • The adrenaline released during sex can actually help to reduce pain. If you do have an orgasm, your body will release oxytocin, which will also help to increase your body’s pain tolerance, by nearly 75%!
  • Both parties can benefit in terms of seeping. The sex will relax you and wear you out, which will put you to sleep much quicker. Also, the baby will likely be lulled to sleep, by the motion.
  • By having sex, you can actually prepare your pelvic floor for the labors of childbirth. By doing this, you will be able to improve your post partum recovery.
  • Your health can also benefits from having sex! Your immunity can be boosted, your mood will be enhances and your blood pressure can be lowered. Don’t forget about all of the calories that you’ll burn, during sex!

Therefore, all women should definitely think about having sex, during their pregnancies. The benefits are enormous! Just make sure that you’re up for it, before you agree to it.


Sex Positions During Pregnancy

Before attempting to have sex, it is vital to make sure that you know the best and more acceptable sex positions for pregnant women. Truthfully, there are many different positions available and you will need to experiment to find the one that works best for you. Below, you will find some examples for your consideration.

  • Spooning – This is a great option, since it will remain comfortable and won’t force you to hold the weight of your bell. Also, your partner won’t have to worry about lugging around your weight either!
  • Him Up Top – Allowing your man to take control and work from the top position will work excellently, as long as they support their weight and keep it off of your belly! It is also possible to position yourself near the end of the bed and prop up your head with a few pillows.
  • You on Top – This is a great position for those wanting to have sex, during the first month of pregnancy. Deeper into the pregnancy, it can be hard for you to get on top.
  • Against the Wall – If you’re willing to stand up, during sex, you can easily have sex while supporting yourself by a wall. This will give your man easy access and he won’t have to worry about working around your belly.
  • Sitting On His Lap – Finally, you should consider allowing your man to sit in a chair. Once he has positioned himself, you will be able to straddle him, while facing the other direction.



Overall, there are numerous ways to have sex, during pregnancy. If you’re up for some action, you should go for it! You won’t hurt the baby and there are actually some benefits for doing so!