How To Predict Baby Gender – At Home Gender Test

When you get pregnant, you’re going to be tremendously excited! Although you’re going to be rushing around and preparing for the arrival, you will likely have a big mystery looming. Is it going to be a boy? Perhaps, you’re going to have a girl! Oh! The mystery can become overwhelming very quickly! Whether or not you know it, you can actually use an at home gender test to find out your baby’s gender. Within this guide, you will learn how to predict baby gender.


There are numerous different ways to determine your baby’s gender. For instance, you can attempt to use the Drano Gender Test, which can be used at home, or you can use a baby gender prediction calculator. Below, you will learn about both of these baby gender test and how they work.

drano baby sex

Drano Gender Test

Whether or not you believe it, many people believe that it is possible to mix your urine with Drano to determine the sex of your child. This pregnancy boy or girl test is definitely unreliable. Unfortunately, scientific studies have found it to be unreliable and untrue. Of course, you can still try it out, if you wish. If the color changes brown, within the first 10 seconds, you’re having a boy. If it doesn’t change at all, within 10 to 15 seconds, it is a girl!

baby gender prediction calculator

Baby Gender Predictor Test

If you are currently pregnant and want to have a little fun trying to guess your baby’s gender, you should take advantage of this test. All you need to do is mark the date of conception, at the best of your knowledge. If the conception date is not known, you can use the due date instead.

This is a Chinese gender predictor test that has been reported to have been accurate about 50% of the time.


Chinese Gender Predictor

The Chinese shaman have been utilizing the Chinese gender predictor calculator for a very over 700 years. It uses the mother’s age at the time of conception and the month of conception, in order to determine the newborn’s gender.

While many experts are skeptical, it has been proven that this predictor is around 50% accurate, but should not be taken seriously. You can check it out here.

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GENDERmaker Pregnancy Boy or Girl Test

If you’re looking for a simple and somewhat reliable gender predictor, you’ll want to consider checking out this product. Although some suggest that it isn’t reliable, it is effortless to use. In fact, the product works very similar to a pregnancy test. To use the product, you need to take a sample of your urine and add it to the test. Once this is done, the product will work, within a matter of minutes.

Take note that the product will only work, at 6 weeks of fetal development. If it glows blue, you’re having a boy. If it glows pink, you’re having a girl! Take note that the test might not be entirely accurate, but it is still fun and exciting! Some swear by it, while others refuse to believe in its abilities. Be sure to check it out today!

baby gender predictor calculator

Intelligender Gender Prediction Test Kit

If you want to try another at home gender test, you’ll want to consider the Intelligender, which is considered to be nearly 90% accurate. The test should be taken, within 10 weeks of getting pregnant. Once you’ve hit this stage, you will want to take the test and wait 10 minutes. After this period of time, the test will turn pink or blue.

Although it is believed that the product isn’t totally reliable, it is still fun! Unfortunately, this one is a little more expensive than the one mentioned above. Therefore, you should purchase it with caution!


Natural Ways to Determine Your Baby’s Gender

There are several natural ways to determine your baby’s gender, but this are only for fun and myths that have not been scientifically tested. Here goes have fun trying to determine your infant’s sex.

  • Morning sickness – girl
  • Carrying lower than normal – boy
  • Food cravings – sour girl and sweets boy

You can also use a strand of the father’s hair and attach the mother’s wedding band or a needle to it. Hang it over top of the mother’s belly and allow it to dangle freely. If the ring swings in a circular motion, then your baby is a girl. If the ring swings back and forth like a pendulum, then your baby is going to have a boy.

Another non-scientific predictor is the fetal heart rate. If the heart rate is very quick, then you are going to have a girl, but this is only determined during the third trimester.



At the end of the day, many of the above tests are somewhat accurate, but not entirely. If you truly wish to determine the gender of your baby, you will want to visit your doctor and get an ultrasound. By undergoing this test, you’ll be able to confirm your baby’s gender will supreme accuracy. If you want to learn how to control your baby’s gender, be sure to check out our sex position and gender guide.