How to Speak To Your Children About Racism

Over the past few years, racism and diversity has become a major problem in American society. Racism could and might be everywhere! It could be in your children’s schools and on the playground! Regardless of your child’s screen color, it is possible for them to face racism. So, what should you do about it? It is impossible to go on a personal vendetta and slay all racists. Instead, you’ll need to educate your children! Nothing hurts racists more than education!

Racists Prey On the Uneducated

First and foremost, you should understand how a racist behaves. Place yourself in the shoes of someone, who wishes to inspire and motivate someone else. How do these individuals get away with their malicious behavior? Well, it is even enough, when you’re preying on someone, who is uneducated. What does this mean? You should make sure that you plant the seed of diversity in your child well in advance.

When to Start Talking to Your Child

In the past, it is possible to ignore racism and there would be a problem. This is no longer possible! Now, it is essential to begin educating your child earlier than ever before! It is entirely possible for them to encounter racism, as soon as they enter the educational system. Therefore, you should begin speaking with them, when they reach that age.

Lead By Example

Truthfully, you don’t have to give a long speech about injustice and slavery. Instead, you should be open with your child. Tell them that you’re a sensible individual and race shouldn’t stand in the way. If your child wants to be friends with others, they should, regardless of how they look! Open the door for your child and show them that it is acceptable to be diverse. In this sense, your truly do not need to say anything, at all.

Lead by example and your child will follow in your footsteps. Remember that you don’t have to create a social advocate! Not everyone is going to want to change society. As long as your child understands that everyone is equal, you will be fine!

Dealing with Racism

If you’re children are a little old, they may have already encountered racism and they may repeat the words and phrases that they have heard! If this happens, it is imperative to correct them. Don’t allow your children to get away with this type of disgusting behavior. It is often most effective to allow them to see things through the eyes of their victim! Cut it out immediately and punish it harshly, in order to end it permanently. With a little bit of effort and work, your child will no longer behave in this manner and will see that the things they heard at school were mean and cruel!

Integrate Early And Often

If you’re the mother of a younger child, it is a good idea to integrate your child early and often. This is imperative, whether you’re African American, White, Hispanic or anything else! Integration at an early age can dramatically curb racism in the future. It will help to make them more comfortable around other races and will show them that everyone is systematically the same! By doing this, they’ll be much more likely to have an open mind in the future.

Use Creative Examples

Again, this one is for mothers, who have younger children. Make sure that you find examples that are relatable to your child. Perhaps you are playing with crayons or colored eggs. Be sure that you alert your child that they might be a different color, but they’re essential the same! By starting this early and practicing it often, you can dramatically curb the chances of raising a racist.


At the end of the day, racism might dissipate, but it will never disappear. Make sure that you teach your child that they’re above racism! Tell them that they’re equal to everyone else and allow them to see that actions speak loud than skin tone! By doing this, your child will grow up to be open minded just like you!