How to Speak with Your Children About Domestic Violence

As a mother, you might receive the brunt end of domestic violence, but you should remember that you’re not the only victim! In fact, your precious children suffer more than you do! If they witness and hear the attacks, it is entirely possible that they’ll blame themselves and lash out at both parents! Even younger children and infants can be impacted, by this type of behavior. Therefore, it is imperative to know exactly how to speak to your children about domestic violence.

Get them Out!!!!

First and foremost, it is imperative to get your child out of the home immediately! Remember that staying within a hostile environment will only cause it to escalate! It is essential to get out and get out, as quickly as possible! If you do not, the problem will only worsen and your precious child or children will only suffer more and more! Therefore, you will first want to relocate!

Where can you go? There are shelters that will take you in, if you do not have family nearby! Checking out Domestic Shelters or Women Against Abuse! By visiting these sites, you will be able to find help locating a safety shelter in your area! This is vital and will get you out of the abuser’s way and somewhere safe!

Take Protective Actions

Next, you will want to take protective action! Seek out help at your local police station. Although this might seem embarrassing, it is better to be a little embarrassed than harmed further or even worse dead! Therefore, you should make sure to approach the appropriate authorities. At first, they might not believe you, so it may be essential to monitor the behavior and report is extensively, until they do!

Speaking To Your Children

I’ve been here and it is never easy, but it is crucial! Your child needs you and it is your responsibility to ensure that they get the necessary help! In order to do this, you’re going to need to muster up the courage to speak with them! Let them know that the abuse is wrong and that it is not their fault! This will be difficult, but you must do it!

Be sure to reassure your child repeatedly! You should make sure that they know they’ll be safe in your care! Give them the confidence and safety needed to begin living a normal life! You will also want to make sure that you listen to your children and be sure to answer any questions they may have! Remember that listening is often more important than speaking!

If you have sons, you need to ensure that they’re not going to follow in the footsteps of the abuser! Children that come from abusive environments are likely to follow down the same path, so proper guidance is vital!

Tips for Success

Once your child has been exposed to domestic violence, it is absolutely imperative to make sure that you do your best to prevent them from seeing it again! Do not get angry or raise your voice around your children! This can cause them to begin living inside of themselves! It isn’t helpful and it should not be done! Use an inside voice and remain calm, as hard as this can be!

Spending time with your child is absolutely vital to his or her future! Do not allow them to isolate him or herself away from society! Ensure that they develop socially, by forcing them to engage each and every day! Remember that abusive fathers will ignore their children, so you’re going to need to set up as a mother and shower him or her with more love than ever before!


A Long Road Ahead

Unfortunately, domestic violence can have lasting effects. Therefore, it is absolutely imperative to make sure that you work closely with your child! Make sure that they understand you’re there for them and will always protect them! Make them feel safe and they’ll eventually thrive and overcome their past, but they’ll need your guidance to do it!