How to Stop Thumb Sucking

There is absolutely no doubt that your baby is going to suck his or her thumb. It is entirely normal, but it can cause problems. If you’ve ever seen a child or adult with misaligned teeth, the cause is typically thumb sucking. Sucking your thumb for too long can cause complications and can make the teeth become misaligned and awkward. With this in mind, it essential to learn how to stop your kid from sucking his or teeth from too long. Although they might not like it, as a mother or father, it is imperative to take action!

Why do Kids Suck Their Thumb?

First and foremost, you should know that thumb sucking is entirely normal, as mentioned above. So, why do they do it? Truthfully, there are numerous reasons for a child to suck their thumb. They could be tired, bored, sick, afraid, or just adapting to new atmospheric changes. Some children suck their thumbs, in order to fall asleep.

According to the experts, sucking on a thumb doesn’t always cause problems. If the force is tremendous, it is possible for it to be detrimental. If your child sucks with too much intensity, the teeth can become misaligned.


When and How to Stop Thumb Sucking

Some parents will allow their children to suck their thumbs, until they begin to receive their permanent teeth. This is a major flaw that should be questioned. Remember that it is always best to break a habit, before it worsen. Instead, you should begin breaking your child’s sucking around the age of 2 to 4. Some children’s sucking will actually dissipate on its own. Others need a little more encouragement.

So, how do you stop it? Well, you’ll first and to consider approaching the situation with encouragement. Tell them that they shouldn’t be doing it anymore. Still, you shouldn’t punish your child for this type of behavior. Often times, they do not even recognize they’re sucking their thumb, until they’re already doing it. Some suggest using a thumb guard, but this can also feel like a punishment and can cause your child to retreat and do it even more!

Distract Your Child

Instead of utilizing a thumb guard, you should try and wear your child out! Get him or her outside and force them to burn off all of their energy, until they’ll be too tired to revert back to the sucking. Replace the behavior with something healthier, such as reading or listening to music. Anything that will amuse your child and take his or mind away from their thumb will work wonderfully.

Be Patient

Unfortunately, there is only so much that you can do. Sometimes, you need to take a hands-off approach and be patient. As hard as this can be, it is sometimes best to stay away and wait it out. Some children will learn the reasons they’re sucking their thumb and will recognize ways to rectify the situation.


At the end of the day, thumb sucking is entirely natural and shouldn’t be punished. It should be rectified, in order to prevent your child’s teeth from becoming misaligned. Monitoring and correcting your child’s behavior is highly recommend and can prove to be very beneficial. Whatever you do, do not punish your child and you should be fine!