Illegally Operated Baby Factories Exposed In Nigeria

African government is notorious for covering up illegal operations within their country. Although there are millions of African citizens dying from hunger and contagious diseases, it appears that yet another scandal has made its way to main stream.

An undercover agent, whom has not reveal his true identity has come forth to tell his story and involvement in the Nigeria’s baby trafficking ring. Eze, the unidentified agent was overheard trying to make a business proposition with a potential customer inside of a public restaurant.

The Daily Beast journalist, Philip Obaji, Jr approached the man and was immediately offered a newborn “fresh from the womb”. America has united with China to wipe out worldwide hunger, which could potentially benefit Africa’s most poor. Unfortunately, it does not appear that the African government officials are interested in their citizen’s welfare.

Nigeria's Baby Factory

The illegal Nigerian baby factory appears to be out of control and Eze had no difficulty making deals with apparent strangers. He was also willing to undercut another potential client, just to make sure that Obaji received the child of his choice.

One thing that Eze was not willing to do is reveal the mother’s hidden location. He admitted to be afraid of getting caught by the police officers, but it is genuinely difficult to believe that the public officials were not aware of this illegal human trade market.

Eze was paid a small fee for his information and was willing to take the journalist to meet with the female (Madam Sarah) that was responsible for running the baby factory. She met with Obaji and was very welcoming, which is a little difficult to understand, especially, if the lady was terrified of being discovered by the public officials.

For 400,00 naira ($2,000 USD), you would receive a baby girl and 500,000 naira ($2,500 USD) for a baby boy. The story continues and so does the operation of the illegal baby factory, which is difficult for anyone to believe or understand.

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