Kayne West Goes On A Tyrant About In-App Purchases

Kayne West and Kim Kardashian are very upset with in-app purchase features. Their 2-year old daughter, North is a frequent video gamer and was able to make more than a few in-app purchases. Kayne is among thousands of other parents that have had to deal with unauthorized in-app purchases made by their children.

West used foul language, when he spoke about app developers that offer in-app purchases in their games. He admitted that North was able to make a new purchase every five minutes, which would ring in an extremely high debit. Well, it just happens that Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood app offers in-app purchases to its players, but this does not stop Kanye from expressing his extreme frustration.

kim kardashian app

Thousands of parents are forced to deal with unauthorized in-app purchases. While Apple is more than willing to work with parents, by swiping the debt clean, other app stores may not be so willing to follow in suit.

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