KODAK Baby Monitoring System CFHBVA10 Preparing To Hit The Market

KODAK, the popular digital camera company was founded in 1888, by George Eastman. While KODAK started out with developing film and inexpensive cameras, today they have announced that they plan on moving toward the development of a baby monitoring system. With innovative technology, hardware, and design brings the new KODAK Baby Monitoring System CFH-BVA.

The KODAK baby monitor will offer continuous audio and video streaming through most iOS and Android devices with the iSecurity+ app. Not only will you be able to keep an eye on your baby from anywhere around the world, but you will also have the ability to talk to the baby, thanks to the 2-way audio feature.

The camera offers a 180 degree view, without distorting the video quality. The digital zoom technology will allow you the option of zooming in and out for a better close up or wider viewing area. The night vision will offer you complete visibility after dark, so you can still see your infant. This will give you peace of mind, without actually having to enter the nursery and risk disturbing your infant’s sleep.

You can also remove the camera from the base, so you can take it anywhere, but you will need an additional standard USB battery pack to power the device. The base is very uniquely designed and will match any nursery décor. The wood-like design offers a homey appeal that is desirable for most mothers.

KODAK baby monitoring system

The 2-way audio monitor can also be utilized to hear and talk to the baby, without the need of a source device. You can transport the wireless monitor in your bedroom or anywhere in your home.

Do not worry, if you accidentally forget to switch from day to night vision, because the KODAK camera is equipped with an auto-switch filtering feature that is capable of automatically switching back and forth between the two.

The security alert mechanism, which is embedded into the device, will send out a notification to your source device. The sensor is capable of detecting the environmental humidity and temperature within the room, so you will instantly be notified of any alterations.


Overall Assessment

Two additional soothing features that are equipped in the KODAK Baby Monitoring System is the white sound technology and nightlights. It offers a convenient plug & play installation, which eliminates the need to hire a professional installer. You can simply unplug the device and take it grandma’s house, so she can take advantage of this leading edge technological KODAK baby monitor.

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