Lego Sustainable Pieces – Company Going Green

Have you heard about the Lego Company’s genius and humble move to begin producing Lego sustainable pieces? Yes, the company is going green! The company, which many of us grew up with, is going to revolutionize their production and produce green products. In order to do this, the company has started to build a sustainable materials center in Denmark. According to news reports, the building is expected to be finished in 2016! Once the building is finished, the company will hire 100 new employees, who will work at the facility and engineer sustainable pieces.

The move started in 2013, when the company signed into partnership with the WWF. The two groups agreed to help make their products more sustainable. In October of 2014, the company parted ways with Shell. The 50-year relationship was ended, due to Shell’s controversial oil drilling in the Arctic.

The company, which manufactured 60 billion pieces last year, is expected to invest $150 million dollars over the next 15 years, in order to make the changes. Not only are they hoping to deliver sustainable pieces, but also they want the packaging to be the same. Much of this is already evident, by the smaller packaging. The company has already started to spend more money to power their facilities with wind power.

According to the company’s CEO, Jorgen Vig Knudstorp, the company is focusing on four individual aspects, including the environmental sustainability of the material, the material’s composition, how the material is obtained and what happens, once it reaches its end life. Ultimately, it is unknown how this will impact the consumer. Will they be forced to pay more excessively for the products, which are already a tad expensive?

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At the end of the day, it is nice to see companies moving towards more environmental friendly products. Parents around the world can only hope that this doesn’t result in a major increase in price! If it does, the Lego Company might see a decrease in sales! Be sure to stay tuned and continue checking out the price to see where things go from here.