Mamaroo Swing Review

Are you searching for an activity center that will keep your baby occupied, you should definitely consider the 4Moms Mamaroo bouncer. This high tech bouncer is equipped with several moment options including car ride, tree swing, rock-a-bye, wave, and kangaroo), which will provide your baby with lots of active fun. The movements are very gentle and will not jerk your baby during operation, which could potentially cause neck or brain damage.

mamaroo baby bouncer

High-Quality Construction

The seat fabric is constructed out of 100% polyester, you can easily remove it, and toss it into the washing machine for a thorough cleaning. The mobile sits on the top of the seat and hangs over the baby’s head, so he can easily see the toys. This is a great activity that will improve your infant’s hand and eye coordination, which is very important, during this milestone.

Mamaroo App

Once your receive your bouncer, you can visit your mobile app store and download the Mamaroo app. You will be able to control speed and make volume adjustments right from your source device. It is Bluetooth capable, so your mobile phone does not need to be attached to the bouncer, in order for it to work.

Newborn Extras

You can purchase a 4Moms insert, which will provide extra support for your newborn. It is constructed out very soft material and is double padded for extra comfort. This will fit perfectly in the Mamaroo baby swing, so your newborn will be comfortably positioned.

Reclining Seat Feature

The reclining seat feature will offer easy adjustments, so your baby will be more comfortable, during use. This option is perfect for all newborns and young babies, especially after feedings. The maximum recline is perfect for colicky babies, especially if they experience a lot of milk regurgitation.

Sounds and Songs

The built-in sound system offers 4 different sounds that will be very soothing to your baby’s ears. The Mamaroo is also compatible with the MP3, so you can download some baby tunes for your little one to listen to, while he is kangaroo riding.

Weight Capacity

The Mamaroo is suitable for newborns and infants up to 25 pounds, so your child will definitely receive a long service life from the bouncer. Just make sure that you purchase the newborn insert, so this is possible.

Very Sturdy Base

The extra wide base will prevent the bouncer from tilting or swaying, when the baby is enjoying his activities. You will never have to be concerned about your baby’s safety, while you his sitting in the 4Moms bouncer. It does not take up a lot of floor space, so you can sit it in your day or living room, without worrying about clutter.

Easy Assembly

The Mamaroo is very simple to assemble and only requires 5-10 minutes. It is also equipped with an electrical cable and will plug into any 110 volt outlet. It also operates very quietly, so your baby can take a nap, without disturbance.


  • Soft swaying movements, no jerking
  • Very sturdy base, which prevents tilting
  • Bluetooth and MP3 compatible
  • Removable set cover for easy cleaning
  • Moms love it


If you are looking for an activity for your baby that will keep him occupied, so you can get a little house work completed, be sure to look no further than the 4Moms Mamaroo bouncer .

Be sure to check out the price of the 4Moms Mamaroo bouncer, today.