Minnie Mouse Pack and Play Review

Are you looking for a good play pen or play yard for your child? If this is the case, you’ll want to choose one that is convenient, spacious and well made. There are many great playards out there, including the 4Moms Play Yard, but none of them are as adorable as the Minnie Mouse play pen. This specific playard is entirely inexpensive, which makes it even more likable for all parents. Within this guide, you will discover all of the features and specifications of this product.

minnie mouse pack n play

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In order to get a better understanding of this playard, it is vital to learn about the item’s dimensions. This specific play yard weighs 29 pounds and measures in at 11x13x31 inches. This isn’t overly heavy and is spacious enough to give your toddler plenty of room to play about, once inside.



Overall, this playard is equipped with many different features and accessories. Some of these will be listed below for your consideration.

  • Effortless to clean
  • Comes with a diaper changer, which is easy to keep clean and is removable
  • Plenty of room for your toddler to play
  • Includes an On-The-Go carry bag for easy transportation
  • Newborn bassinet, which is comfortable, breathable and offers an open-view
  • Deluxe organizer, which is capable of holding the majority of your toddler’s supplies


Overall Benefits

Overall, there are many benefits associated with the Minnie Mouse Play Yard. Below, I will provide you with my favorite aspects of this item.

  • Incredibly cheap, when compared to the others
  • Was very easy to put together
  • Comes with everything that a more expensive playard would have
  • Very adorable Minnie Mouse style and design
  • Comfortable for the baby, but portable for the mommy
  • No weight restrictions, can be used until your child is able to climb out of it (35 inches tall)


Overall Assessment Of The Minnie Mouse Pack And Play

Overall, I have thus far been thoroughly impressed with the Minnie Mouse Pack N Play. The item is very durable, spacious, adorable and entirely affordable. Not only is it great for parents, but it is also sufficient for the baby and will keep them safe and comfortable. I had no difficulty whatsoever putting it together and you shouldn’t either. For the price, this item is a steal!

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