Mother Baby Rescued Colombia – Updated

Sometimes, miracles do seem to happen. As a mother, it is always nice to be able to rely on the belief that a miracle could occur, if need be. Well, this recent news story definitely justifies the belief in the probability of miracles. A mother and baby were recently rescued, after a Colombia plane crash. The percentages for surviving a plane crash are low enough already, but this couple did so, after 4 days! Can you imagine?

The plane crashed occurred near Quibdo, Colombia. The news report states that Maria Nelly Murillo and her baby, took flight on a twin-engine Cessna. Shortly after taking off on Saturday, June the 20th. The plane went down near a desolate area of western Colombia, which is near the city of Quibdo. The mother baby combination were found on June the 24th. Again, the parameters surrounding their survival is nothing short of a miracle.

miracle mom colombia plane crash

Unfortunately, the plane’s pilot was killed in the crash. So, how did the mother and her child survival? Although it is speculation, rescuers suggest a large load of fresh fish, which was stored in the cabin with the couple, absorbed the brunt of the impact and allowed the couple to defy the odds. Of course, it didn’t stop there! Maria forced the door open, escaped the plane and climbed to the top of a mountain, in order to escape the plane, since she feared it would explode!

Maria Nelly Murillo plane crash

After this, Maria Nelly Murillo went into survival mode, although disoriented. She mindlessly wandered into the jungle, where she partaked on the water-like liquid found inside of unripe coconuts. She also attempted to trap rodents, but failed. A Red Cross volunteer, Acisclo Renteria, found her on Wednesday and reported the woman’s brave attempts.

The Red Cross volunteer thanked God for allowing her to locate and save the couple. Although authorities are still investigating the crash, Murillo and her child have already undergone checks at the hospital. At this time, it is highly likely that they’re already returned home.