Munchkin Sound Machine – An In-Depth Look

Are you interested in providing your child with a sound machine, which will make him or her fall asleep much quicker? If this is the case, you’ll want to find a sufficient baby sound machine, which is effective, inexpensive and versatile! Munchkin, which is responsible for releasing some of the best baby products on the market, has their very own sound machine! Is it worth the price? I will help you find out below!

munchkin sound machine

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 An Overview

When I first received the Munchkin Nursery Sound System, I was impressed with its small size and style. The device is small enough to fit right on your child’s nightstand. It only weighs 1.3 pounds and measures in at 5.9×5.2×6.1 inches. Take note that this is not a toy, so it should be placed out of your child’s grasp! Below, you will learn about the great features of this device.



The machine is equipped with a projection system. It comes with three unique image cartridges. When used, this feature can display a small, but very cute, image on your child’s wall. I really like this feature, as it gives the child something to pay attention to. Swapping from one image cartridge to another is quick and easy. Each of these can be stored in the back of the unit, when they’re not being used.


Voice Activated

Another excellent feature of this device is the voice activation technology. This feature can be switched off, when it is not in use. When it is switched on, you can keep speak to the device and make it function. At the same time, the device will switch on, when your child wakes up and begins to speak. If you’re lucky, this device will help you avoid getting out of bed and checking on your child. When accompanied with one of the best baby monitors, you can go back to sleep knowing your child is safe and sound.



When checking on your child in the middle of the night, you definitely won’t want to turn on the light! It’ll be too bright and will stir your child, as well as other family members. Instead, you can use the nightlight function of the Munchkin sound system. This aspect of the machine produces a dim, blue light, which is great for quick checkups and diaper changes.


Timer and Volume

The Munchkin Sound Machine offers a variety of different settings for your consideration. For instance, there is a dial, which gives you the ability to adjust the volume. With this aspect, the volume will never be too loud or too quiet. Also, a timer setting is available. The timer can be set between 15, 30 and 60 minutes. This gives the machine plenty of time to work its machine and a sufficient amount of time for your child to drift off to sleep!


Sound System

Finally, we’ve come to the most important aspect of all, the sound system. The Munchkin Nursery Projector and Sound System is equipped with an assortment of different audio options, which will be listed below.

  • 4 Southing Sounds
  • 3 Lullabies
  • 3 Mozart Songs

With these songs and sounds, you can guarantee that your child will fall to sleep, without your assistance. All of the sounds are very adorable and smoothing! I particularly like those from the composer, Mozart!



Overall, I absolutely love the Munchkin Sound Machine. It is equipped with many advantageous features, which I will list below for your consideration!

  • Very affordable! Less costly than the majority of the competition
  • Plenty of sound options to choose from
  • Includes a projector and 3 images
  • Times and Volume controls give the parent full control
  • Also features a convenient nightlight
  • Compact, lightweight and pretty stylish, if I say so myself
  • Voice activation is great
  • Actually works
  • No batteries required


Overall Assessment

Overall, I do like this sound machine and it works for my child. Although some reviews have suggested that the machine will die, within a few months, this hasn’t occurred on me. Although it could include a few more images, I cannot complain for the price! It is adorable, effective and very affordable! If you want a good baby sound machine, this is one that is more than worth checking out further.

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