Road Safety for Kids – All You Need to Know

When your child gets old enough, he or she is going to want a brand new bike! I am sure that you remember your first bike fairly well. Don’t you remember the freedom that it brought you? I remember mine like it was yesterday! I can still remember the pink little tassels running down from the handlebars. Although I don’t remember everything, I do recall my parents explaining the rules of the road to me! I had a specific perimeter. I was allowed to roam freely inside of my area, but if I ever got out of it, I got scolded!

At the time, I didn’t understand the importance of child road safety, but now I do! Below, you will learn how to protect your children like mine protected me!

What is Road Safety?

Although everyone might have a personal opinion regarding road safety, I look at it in the terms of children on their bikes. For me, road safety and bike safety go hand in hand. I believe it is imperative to provide your child with proper safety guidelines, in order to keep them out of harm’s way, when they ride their bikes. For me, that is what road safety is all about!


Setting Road Safety Rules for Kids

As my parents did with me, I highly recommend setting road safety rules for your kids! Your children will listen to your example, if you guide them properly. Be sure to setup a perimeter and only allow your children to wander within this specific area! Make sure that they remain within a safe distance of your home and do not cross the road, at any dangerous points. It may also be wise to check out the child sex offender registry in your area! Make sure your area is actually safe, before allowing your children to roam about freely.

Set the rules and abide by them! Enforce them and dish out the proper punishment, when your child bends your rules! In the same sense, you will want to speak to your children about strangers! Everyone remembers the old stranger danger speech that they heard from their parents. In today’s time, this is even more vital and should be replicated, with a little more impact. Allow them to know about the potential dangers that lurk about and make sure that they know how to behave properly!


Bike Safety for Kids

Finally, you will want to make sure to provide your child with some bike safety rules! Be sure that he or she is always willing to wear their helmet! This is absolutely vital, since a fall could lead to a concussion and other potential complications! A helmet will protect them much better! Although they might not like the way it looks, you should force them to wear it!

Of course, buying a safety helmet can be a little bit difficult. Taking your child to the store and ensuring that the helmet fits is absolutely vital! It is also a good idea to choose a helmet that offers the best visibility. Colorful helmets tend to be best, since they’re so easily identifiable. A kid’s helmet sizing chart can help, if you intend on shopping online!

Either way, make sure that you select a helmet that fits and is easily noticeable! By doing this, your child will be tremendously safe. On the other hand, you should think about elbow and knee pads, as well! These items can protect your children even more, but they’re not as vital as the helmet! A colorful reflector should also be considered, if you’re going to allow your child to wander about, after the sun goes down! Be sure to check out Amazon’s best bike helmets to find one that suits your child.



At the end of the day, allowing your child to leave the nest can be difficult and scary, but they’re going to grow up eventually! Don’t shelter them and allow them a little bit of freedom! Just make sure that you set boundaries and ensure that your child follows all road safety and bike safety rules, when they’re out and about! By doing this, your child will be tremendously safer and you will be able to maintain a significant amount of peace of mind!